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    What are you looking for exactly?
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    I added a feature to BigBrother that allows to whisper a CC breaker directly. This was necessary since we try to keep the raid channel as free as possible in Raids.
    I simply added a new option: /bb setting polysilent which works in parallel to the existing ones. When you set this, the message that would normally go to one of the channels, now goes to the CC Breaker directly.

    Would you be intessted in this additions? I'd be happy to commit my code somewhere.

    Things I'd also add soon would be:
    - Freezing Traps and Fears (for Patch 2.4) as far as looging allows this. Logging seems a bit clumsy for Freezing Traps.
    - Whispering a pet's owner if it broke a CC; as soon as I have found a way to get this information.

    Suns (Die Todeskrallen - EU)
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