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    posted a message on AGUF 36399.1001 - Default Blizzard target frame appearing
    Quote from bodicea »

    Anyone know how to get rid of the buff timers on the target frame? I think this is new with 2.1 and I can't find anything to get rid of it.

    Interface Options > Basic tab > Display pane > uncheck Buff Durations (last item in 1st column)

    Dunno if that's what you need but it's what's new in 2.1 patch to display buff durations.
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    I'm utterly new to Skinner mod so please forgive me my noob question:

    Is there any way how to make Skinner NOT to skin bags? In configuration menu I can enable or disable skins for virtually any frame in game EXCEPT bags. Is there some workaround or am I just blind and there is setting for this somewhere?
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