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    For some reason the find weakness bar has stopped showing for me in the last few versions ... the other bars work fine any ideas why? maybe some conflict?

    Quote from Ominous »

    works on 23144

    If that was an answer about FW it is false.
    I have the same issue with FW. After 22292 FW bar has not worked.
    Since I am mutilate atm I will continue use 22292 since it has been working fine.
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    Nice mod. I have been using it for about 1-2 weeks now.
    But with the latest update (downloaded it today 2nd jan) it is no longer tracking Find Weakness.

    I added
    self:AddRule("Buffs", "Shadowstep" ,{time = 10, event=true})
    in buffs.lua on the testrealm, and that one is working. If I am correct it should be the same code with Find Weakness, so I do not understand why it is not tracking FW.
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