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    posted a message on Figuring out workings of third party addons hard as hell?
    As of now I am in the stage that I know 95% of the plain LUA used in common addons and some WOW API stuff.

    Right now I am trying to figure out how exactly the addon Gnomeworks works. Not at all the GUI stuff, but recipe queuing logic etc, the stuff that makes things work. Yes it's very simple to understand, but I cannot work effektively because looking things up is killing me, it's eating up ALOT of time.

    The problem is trying to figure out how the tables in table variables are structured, or every variable for that matter. I have lots and lots of lua files open in Notepad++ from the addon and am finding myself constantly looking through the text files of the Gnomeworks directory for another mention of the variable in hope for a clue. Even with the directory find function in Notepad++ this is frustrating.

    I'm coming along very slowly, just because of that. I would be great just to see at one glance what a table value looks like in all its subtrees (but THEN eventually looking at something like "itemid" instead of "34893" (for the itemid)).

    I just want to work more effectively in figuring out someone elses code without constantly jumping around in the addon folder in frustration.

    I know there is WOW UI Designer, but I think it is not up to date. I would also like to view the addon "in one single text file" to see all variables and functions at one glance in a listing, instead of per lua file.

    Same thing with functions, in Notepad i can't just jump to the function definition with a hyperlink.

    So the only thing this posting of me is asking you is: What addons and windows apps help you the most when going through someone elses code? Or any other tips you have for me?
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    posted a message on Can a table have a table as a key?
    Trying to do something like this:

    test = {{"abc", "dfg"} = {{"dfsdf", "dfsdfg"}, {"gfdg", "gdfg"}}}

    I cannot seems to get it right in my code.
    local mytable = {}
    while (some condition here) do
    [INDENT]local keytable = {"fdgdg", "sdf"}
    local valuetable = {"dfsdf", "dfgdg"}
    if (mytable[keytable] == nil) then
    	mytable[keytable] = {}
    	table.insert(mytable[keytable], valuetable) 
    print(#keytable .. " - " .. keytable[1] .. " - " .. keytable[2])
    print(#itemprofittable  .. " - " .. itemprofittable[1]  .. " - " .. itemprofittable[2])[/INDENT]

    #mytable[keytable] is always 0. Why?
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