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    Is it just me or is the party targets group gone?
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    Confirmed. What change caused this?
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    I've seen addons like CraftBot which advertise and allow searching of your tradeskills by other players. Looking at the trading functions, it seems like it would be possible to conduct the cutting/enchanting/tailoring/etc. automatically and then trade it automatically.

    In other words, players would ask the addon whether something can be made, trade the reagent(s), ask for a product to be made, then receive the product back.

    Is this possible, would it be violate the Blizzard ToS, and does it exist already?
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    That's not the issue; I can write my own tags easily. If it were merely a DogTag thing, the layout would be there and only the text would be screwy.
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    Player/Target/whatever > Other > Layout

    On that note, I'm also having trouble with importing layouts. Most of the time, nothing happens after selecting the layout.

    While configuring Pitbull (obtained from WAU, no externals), all the HP bars will appear to extend beyond the frame and never reset, even after closing the configuration window, disabling the frame and re-enabling it, etc.

    I also tried an embedded lib version from wowinterface.com and didn't even get that far. Enabling visual heals gives me a lot of errors (related to LibRockConfig) and the configuration form stops responding.

    I assume these are common errors since I just started using it; if not, I can post more detailed descriptions.


    What is the bar on top of my player frame?

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    Quote from Arkive »

    I butchered Ruinna's Bongos fubar plugin to work with Bongos3. You can snag it here:


    I love you. It was impossible to find, though.
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