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    This is a great addon, thank you for making it.

    On the account of previous suggestions and reports i would like to add a minor addition.

    First, the range check. Specially an adjustable one would be very handy for RBG leaders, for switching, crowd control, and adjustments.
    Secondly, Maybe the option to have resource(mana/rage/runic) bars would be handy in some situations.
    Thirdly, while the idea of having health bars may sound and look like a memory hog, if it is added combined with flag carrier(not so necessary as specs already show that somehow), the idea here is that even if it's a complete memory/cpu hog. You could simply add a special option for enabling it which has a mouse over red text that strictly suggests the nature of enabling it, with a UI reload action if needed.

    Overall, this addon is great and i will definitely continue using it.

    Thank you.
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