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    I'm sorry to bring this up again - I know we've gone over it a few times. BUT!

    The loot source problem. I appreciate it's possible, and tbh easy - to change the source from "Trash" when an item is looted from a cache or chest. The thing is our Master Looter has a lot on his plate already and something automated would be much appreciated.

    I've given it some thought, and this might be a possible solution. I'm happy to work on it if you think it's usable.

    When a boss is killed - you register that. What I'm suggesting is you keep that boss name as a variable (last_boss_killed), then wipe it when PLAYER_ENTER_COMBAT.

    If you can't find the name of the boss from the raid member target check and last_boss_killed ~= nil then source = last_boss_killed else source = "Trash"

    Again, sorry to bring this up - I guess you're fed up of it.
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    I realise that the whole loot thing is difficult, and the reasons for it. But! I was wondering about a possible solution....

    Obviously storing all boss drops in a table to assign the source would be crazy, but perhaps assigning the last boss kill to an item of loot would work IF you held a table with item id's of just trash drops? After all, you're looking at about a dozen epics per instance really.

    Something like:

    If not trashdrops[item_id] then
    source = bossname
    else source = "Trash Mob" end

    If you believe this is a feasible solution, I'm more than happy to get provide a table and save you a job.
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