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    Quote from Tristanian
    It's not, it just happened that you had that addon embed Ace2. As for the actual error, I'm not at all sure if the SecureHook syntax used is valid (I'm also not entirely sold on the fact that a secure hook is needed here to parse a simple message). It is more logical to assume the obvious, the UIErrorsFrame_OnEvent function was changed from 2.4 to 3.x to pass a 'self' argument before the event and the message. Player Notify is simply not calling the original with the proper arguments, so nothing is displayed.

    Indeed, noticed that too when I was testing what I made for a bit longer. But also searching a bit more, I found out that you had already posted a working solution for the problem.

    So, to correct out the first one with the wrong fix, I'll attach the correct one here, which is your fix from the other thread.

    Credits for the following file to Tristanian, it's his fix, not mine,
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    quote=Bremic;244477]Every time I load up QuestsFu, on 3.0.2, I stop seeing Blizzard Error messages on spellcast such as the target out of LoS or OOR messages. If I turn it off, they come back. As a healer these messages give me some important feedback, and it has been annoying to need to logoff to turn off this mod anytime I want to run an instance.[/quote]

    I made a bit of research into this as it annoys me too as a healer.
    The core of the problems seems to be in the Player Status module, as disabling it in modules menu is enough to bring the error messages back.
    And no, disabling / enabling the blizzard error message thingy in Player status menu doesn't help, you need to disable the whole module.

    But I'll look into it if I can make a quick hotfix for it.

    Edit: Read my next post 3 posts ahead of this, it's all there
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    Quote from Nill »

    Character Info, Spellbok & Abilities, Questlog, Social, Looking for Group, Main Menu, Help Requests. That makes 7, and if we add a Talentbutton there are 8... But I'm still only getting 7 :(
    Am I missing something here? Is it possible to remove some buttons somwhere or something?

    You aren't the only one with this problem. I'm also missing the talent button. If I manually edit the Bartender3_BarClass.lua, I can get it to show by removing the level check, but if I add it back, it vanishes (characters are lvl 59 warrior, and 60 priest).

    Another weird problem I have with this is that the FuBar plugin is immovable. Even if I unlock all the panels, I can move every other plugin fine except Bartender3. So what I need to do is to move all the other plugins so that I get the Bartender to be where I want it to, and still I can't even move it to other panels due to not being able to move it.
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