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    posted a message on Threat meter that actually works?
    I think that a lot of the frustration (for my guild at least), has been not so much with errors in the meter itself, but with very frequent releases of incompatible meters...having issues because some people updated their meters 3 hours before the raid and others 15 minutes before, then having further issues when the 3 hour people updated to yet another new version an hour into the raid. It'd be great if the updater had the option the garb either a "release" or a "development" version, where the release versionis updated no more than every couple of days....even if the release version had bugs at least everyone would be on the same page.

    I realize that you guys already have plenty to do and I do appreciate and thank you for your work on the mod, just tossing out a suggestion that would likely eliminate a lot of pain for both raiders and you having to deal with feedback from the more irate raiders. Regardless, you're doing a great job and we'll manage in the meantime whatever happens.
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