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    try enabling the MainTank Frames, perhaps? We have more probs with CT users not getting Mts, never had a prob with oRA. And if the MTs were set before you joined raid and perhaps you didn't get a proper sync, hit the "request status" button

    It's enabled, but i see no frames. But I also have issues with perfectraid frames not always updating and sometimes the fubar ammo thing, so maybe it's all part of a bigger problem *sniffs* Would it be safe to delete all under \addons (keeping settings) and reinstalling all addons?

    I have same problem as you. My MTfames were lost in raid yesterday. It seems that reset frame position will be enough, but even reinstall addon isnt enough and I can`t find variables in WTF folder for oRA2.
    Is there any slash command for reseting posotions ?
    In add my Perfect raid isn`t working properly, due non updating changes in groups. Shall be complete list of my addons helpfull ? Or it doesn`t matter ? .
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