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    posted a message on [REQUEST] Attitude Tracker - Keeps track of people whom you like/dislike for various reasons.


    The Attitude Checker add-on would keep a database (also share-able to other Attitude Checker Add-ons) that would create a button on the target menu that would give you options to list them in your database.


    The options would allow you to check'em all if you want.


    Attitude of Player -->

    [ X ] is friendly  - This player you may not want to add to your friends list or they wont let you, but you want to remember them anyways.

    [ X ] is a likeable person - You don't want to add them to your friends list, but you think is likeable

    [ X ] doesn't help anyone - They are the "every man or woman" to his or her self.

    [ X ] rage quits - this player is known for just rage quitting a lot

    [ X ] annoys you - this player annoys you

    [ X ] is very unfriendly - this player is very unfriendly

    [ X ] is absolutely horrible - this player you want to avoid at all cost

    [ X ] is custom (Allows a popup menu having you enter custom text)


    Also if possible have the ability to put them on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 for absolutely horrible to 10 that you absolutely love them.


    Possible Options:


    [ X ] Joins the Attitude Checker Channel and will let everyone on that channel know if there is anyone near you on your list

                 [ X ] Also include other's opinions in a separate database that you can use

                 [ X ] Also include the options you have chosen on them

    [ X ] Alert you when someone nearby joins you or is near you that is on your list

                 [ X ] Include the reasons

    [ X ] Alert you when someone nearby joins you or is near you that is on other people's list

                 [ X ] Include the reasons


    If possible allow there to be an option that would flash or temporarily highlight that player as soon as it knows about them.


     If you do join the channel that would tell you what others with the same addon thinks of others... allow it to automatically put a player on a scale from 1 to 100 based on other's opinions and it would be a  "Global Attitude Score".  1 is that person is truly disliked to 100 that person is truly liked.



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