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    posted a message on Recount- not showing mobs
    I have recount setup on my iMac G5. The version is the most- up-to-date (2/5/08) version from WoWMatrix (at work can't see actual version).

    I have data collection set to global. Range to 200yds.

    Recount will not show any Mob data in realtime DPS mode or on any of the logs.

    Are my settings wrong? Or is this a bug (known)?
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    posted a message on Recount- No Mob/boss data
    I beleive that I have set Recount to collect all the necessary data for NPCs/mobs/bosses, but never see the name of bosses showing up on my damage or other meters. Is this a bug in 2.3 or am I doing something wrong?

    I am using the version currently on WowMatrix (at work can't see exact version atm).

    Is this a known bug? Any fixes?
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