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    Using Bongos AB. I have all my action bars that have spells hidden. I keybind everything so no need to see the buttons and with a CoolDown addon, there is zero need to see buttons at all.

    Anyhow, with bongos action bars hidden, if a skill is used with a cooldown on a hidden bar, oCD doesn't pick it up. If a cooldown is ticking down and I make my action bars visible, oCD sees the cooldown, adds the skill to the oCD bar with the correct duration left on the cooldown.

    Quick work-around: you could un-hide your Bongos bars and set the transparency to 0. :)

    Hmm, I had a similar experice when using DAB and having all the buttons hidden, things woudn't be picked up. When there was Bartender support it worked fine. Thanks for the work.
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    Yeah, great job on this.

    One thing I am missing is when I bandage/Cannablize I am not seeing the health ticks in any panels. Did I have a special rule in my previous version or am I doing something wrong with the newest version.
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    Just wanted to say, really liking this. Thanks for the OOC Targeting Alpha option.

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