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    Is it possible to do some jigging around to make WAU work without an actual WoW install? For the purposes of putting together a package of addons to be thumb-drive'd home while i'm supposed to be...working. :P

    I created an empty folder at D:\WoW. WAU automagically created the Interface\Addons folder, it complained about a missing Config.wtf file, so I created the D:\WoW\WTF folder and put an empty config.wtf in there. Then created the D:\WoW\WTF\Account folder after another error message I saw. Still can't seem to get the list of addons to come up in WAU though, am I missing something? Or is this just totally not possible?

    edit: my bad, just needed to re-run WAU to get latest version, then i got the addon listing fine. seems to work! FYI post, i guess?
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