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    posted a message on Affliction Warlock
    I have been looking for my answer for a warlock timer.

    From everything i have found i cant seem to find one that fits my needs.

    What i am looking for:

    1. Timer for DoT's on Target
    2. Interface with pitbull(and presumably other action bars) so the timer will attach to a button
    3. Able to have seperate timer per DoT(not grouping, standalone)
    4. Easy anchoring to loc on screen or specific buttons
    5. Vertical or Horizontal
    Reason being when a DoT falls off it takes me a good time to react and figure out which one fell off even if i use icons. If i had a timer per DoT attached to the button i would then easily be able to see the Dots that are and are not up.

    I have a tempory setup that is ugly and in the way:

    If there is an addon out there that does this and efficiently, please direct me to it, as i have not found it.
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    This is mine, i love the pitbull raid frames, but i use ag_unitframes for player, target, party, focus ,pet and all that stuff, i am kind of getting sick of the ag_unitframes, and dont know how to change pitbull frames to look nice, any suggestions on what to use? and could you show a pic?

    I like these below, what are they?
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    posted a message on Notes and Officer Note Back-up
    is there a way to have it run every time i log out?
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    posted a message on Notes and Officer Note Back-up
    With many loot system addons utilizing officer notes to save points for any given system, i was looking for an addon that would export the notes to a files every time i log in or out (prefer out).

    Recently i lost the notes, and had no backups. Gotta start from scratch >.<

    anyone know of an addon that does this? or how easy it could be done? i have some coding experience, i just dont know any of the WoW Libs and syntax
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