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    Soulbound360 enables you to play WoW easily with your Xbox360 or other gamepad, controller or joystick. Its meant to replace your keyboard and mouse for combat, but there are up to 75 mappable buttons available for any task you can imagine.

    Simply plug in whatever controller you have, install the addon and GlovePIE, run the configuration file, and then you're immediately ready to play WoW without having to set any control configurations up. The addon shows you the controls and gives you button feedback so you can learn as you go. Its designed to be raiding and PvP friendly, so once you get used to it there should be nothing you can't do.

    If you have a spare controller lying around I strongly encourage you to try it out and let me know what you think. I'm really interested in user feedback and ideas, as well as any problems or bugs you encounter!

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