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    Thank you very much for skinning of the buttons! They look great!
    Here's the list of blizzard (not addons) buttons that either still use Blizzard skin or are broken:

    Guild Control -> Cancel (old)
    Guild Control -> "+" (old)
    Guild -> ">" (old) next to player status
    Spellbook -> "<" and ">" (old)
    QuestLog -> "+"/"-" (broken)
    PvP -> Arena Team info -> "Add Member" and ">" (old)
    Everything inside Interface->AddOns (as already mentioned) including "+"/"-" on the addon list.
    Reputation -> "+"/"-" (look very strange when using Skinner Border Texture)
    Skils -> "+"/"-" (same as above)
    Skill -> Unlern profession button (old)
    Bags/Keys -> Close button "x" (old) (not sure about that one, it could be Bagnon)
    Mini-map -> Close button "x" (old) (that's probably fine. Skinned button would look funny there anyways).
    Calendar -> "<"/">" (old)
    Merchant Interface -> "<"/">" (old)
    Browse Auctions -> "<"/">" (old)

    It seems that all of the "<" ">" buttons are using old texture, that's probably because their texture is a bit different from the rest of buttons. Same with scrollbar buttons as well... Not a big deal anyways.
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    Few questions about the addon.
    #1. After I installed new version today, for some reason skinner stopped applying skins to everything. Reloading didn't help, nothing helped until I went into options and added a new backdrop. But now every time I get a new quest, it's added by default to quest tracker, so I get a gray semi-transparent area that covers the whole right part of my screen, and I can't get rid of it, till I remove everything from quest tracker and do /rl. Is there a way to disable skinning of quest tracker? Or how do I revert skinner to default settings (without deleting WTF folder).
    #2. More of a suggestion. Skinner does a great job at skinning frames, I've been using it for a while. But I always wondered why doesn't it re-skin default interface buttons? Those ugly red squares don't really look that good next to slick frames. Is it possible to somehow re-skin those buttons, and if not, could it be added to the addon?
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