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    posted a message on CowTip 2.0
    Quote from Ellipsis »

    That's already been implemented.

    And I can't seem to find an option for it... I'm guessing it is in the DogTag part? But it isn't your fault... I am absolutely terrible and finding things
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    posted a message on CowTip 2.0
    What about seeing the level of horde based on their talents?
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Quote from Seerah »

    You could do [IsEnemy?[Name:HostileColor]!Name] (not tested)

    Works! Thanks! I get this error though when opening the config window through Rock

    Date: 2008-02-08 11:44:15
    ID: 35
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 269
    Message: ..\AddOns\PitBull\PitBull.lua line 1869:
      attempt to call method 'IsConfigMenuOpen' (a nil value)
     ACP, v2.3.1.$Revision: 55862 $
     AddonLoader, v1.0
     Aloft, vr45867
     AtlasLoot, vAtlasLoot Enhanced v4.03.00
     AutoBar, v2.03.00.31 beta
     Automaton, v1.3.0
     BagginsProfessions, v2007-11-17
     BagginsUsable, v2007-11-13
     BagginsSearch, v1.0.46487
     Baggins, vBeta 1
     BankItems, v23003
     Bartender3, v3.1.2 r59028
     Cartographer, vr60284
     CartographerBattlegrounds, v2.0
     CartographerCoordinates, v2.0
     CartographerFoglight, v2.0
     CartographerGroupColors, v2.0
     CartographerGuildPositions, v2.0
     CartographerInstanceMaps, v2.0
     CartographerInstanceNotes, v2.0
     CartographerLookNFeel, v2.0
     CartographerNotes, v2.0
     CartographerPOI, v2.0
     CartographerWaypoints, v2.0
     CartographerZoneInfo, v2.0
     ClearFont2, v2.2
     ClosetGnome, v1.0.60484
     CowTip, vr60433
     cyCircled, v0.5
     cyCircledVol, v1.0
     DrDamage, v1.2.3
     eePanels2, v2.0
     Fizzle, v20100-1
     GFWDisenchantPredictor, v2.3
     GFWFeedOMatic, v2.3.1
     FuBarAmmoFu, v2.0
     FuBarClockFu, v3.0
     FuBarDurabilityFu, v2.0
     FuBarFuXPFu, v3
     FuBarGarbageFu, v2.0.$Revision: 55484 $
     FuBarLocationFu, v3.0
     FuBarMailFu, v2.0
     FuBarMoneyFu, v20000-1
     FuBarPerformanceFu, v2.0
     FuBarTopScoreFu, v2.0
     FuBarToFu, v2.0
     FuBarTrainerFu, v0.2
     FuBar, v50710
     ItemPriceTooltip, v1.2
     SharedMediaLib, v1.0
     Mendeleev, v2.0.55572
     MobHealth, v3.2
     MrPlow, va/R.6.2.56614
     OmniCC, v2.0.7
     PitBull, vr60566
     PitBullAltAura, v2.0
     PitBullBanzai, v1.0
     PitBullCastBar, v2.0
     PitBullCombatIcon, v2.0
     PitBullExperienceBar, v2.0
     PitBullHappinessIcon, v2.0
     PitBullHealthBar, v2.0
     PitBullHideBlizzard, v2.0
     PitBullLeaderIcon, v2.0
     PitBullPowerBar, v2.0
     PitBullRaidTargetIcon, v2.0
     PitBullRangeCheck, v0.1
     PitBullSpark, v2.0
     PitBullVoiceIcon, v2.0
     Prat, v2.0 57869
     Quartz, v0.1.0
     QuartzFlight, v1.0
     QuartzInterrupt, v1.0
     QuartzLatency, v1.0
     QuartzPlayer, v1.0
     QuartzRange, v1.0
     QuartzTarget, v1.0
     QuestHelper, v0.26
     RatingBuster, v1.3.1 (r59304)
     sct, v5.7
     sctd, v2.4
     SharedMedia, v1.0
     SimpleCombatLog, v1.3.0.54892
     simpleMinimap, v20100-6
     Skillet, v1.10-55300
     Swatter, v5.0.PRE.2778
     Talented, v1.3
     tekKompare, v2.3.0.736
     ViolationCombatLogRange, v1.0
     Violation, v1.0.57181
     WitchHunt, v2.0
     XLoot, v0.9
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Ok, I know this is probably a DogTag issue but how do I make it so hostile color only returns a color if a player is hostile to me. So red if hostile, white otherwise
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    posted a message on Routes: Official Thread
    Quote from Xinhuan »

    It has dynamic updating. The addon that is supplying the data has to have a mechanism to allow callbacks so that if the source data changes (i.e node addition or deletion), Routes get notified about it, and it updates the route dynamically with the node insertion/deletion.

    Currently, Routes will work with GatherMate and Cartographer for this node addition/deletion automatically with existing routes, but not Gatherer because Gatherer doesn't support callbacks.

    I.e, Routes is already designed in a manner that allows it, its up to others to write the plugins.

    i <3 you

    now to go make a little addon to see if i can actually do this
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    posted a message on Routes: Official Thread
    Quote from Xinhuan »

    Routes can already do this. If quest addon authors care to write a Routes plugin for their questing data, they can, they just have to follow the format required by Routes. The 3 plugins in the plugins folder (GatherMate, Gatherer, Cartographer) are examples.

    Routes only does "closed routes" that loop though.

    That makes me a happy panda. closed routes isn't that bad, i could always just make it so it hands in all quests at the same time... although that might end nasty. I could make a end node that just is blank that says do not go here. Now that I think about it the prioritizing doesn't really matter, I can always make it on the plugin side, and have it not shove the node in until the priority is hit.

    Does routes have dynamic route updating? or do you have to delete a route and recreate it anytime anything changes? (I'm guessing the latter, but it doesn't really matter)
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    posted a message on Routes: Official Thread
    Quote from Xinhuan »

    Quest objectives is far more complicated than simply calculating a route that can be in any particular order. Quests often have dependency chains.

    I'm just going to say that, sometimes, using your brain might be a lot better than trying to code a 9 node route that needs to be traveled to in a certain order. It's not trivial.

    No, what I'm saying is that this mod doesn't have to be the end all for gathering only. Instead it can be a backbone for anything that needs a route. there could be a separate addon that just passes nodes to yours which handles all the calculations in dealing with a route. You could even set it up so you have all your quest and gathering nodes and combine them in one big route.
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    posted a message on Routes: Official Thread
    Quote from Phanx »

    I can't think of any non-gathering situation where prioritizing would be significantly beneficial. Do you have any examples?

    The ability to store quest objectives to find an optimal route to finishing them, and ignoring ones that you know you cannot do.
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    posted a message on Routes: Official Thread
    why no plans to add prioritizing or ignoring? If there was I could see uses for this other than gathering.
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    posted a message on Routes: Official Thread
    Is there an option to prioritize some nodes over others and ignore other ones?
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    posted a message on QuestHelper
    Quote from Industrial »

    oh no oh no my addon isnt going to get updated !!! that instantly means it is broken !!! someone help now I cant get my addon fix !!!

    An addon that relies on people updating it's database will be broken. There are many quests that are not in the system and he would take people's saved variables so he could update the addon. If he stops updating then no one else will benefit from other people's additions. This also includes WotLK when it comes out. By the time I get my character to 80 and start working on alts I would love to have this addon again.
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    posted a message on QuestHelper
    The great thing about Quest Helper is that you don't have to rely on guides or anything like that. It just plots the fastest way for you to complete the quests you currently have. I tried TourGuide but i didn't like that I had to do things in a certain order to make it work correctly. Quest Helper is nice because I can ignore quests or put quests to a certain priority.

    The only problem with this mod is it uses a whopping 7mb of memory. many parts of this addon can be LoD and it would severely reduce the load times and memory usage.
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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Win/OSX/Linux, supports multiple sites), 1.6 thread
    Quote from lejordet »

    Sorry, that's my fault - I've fixed it in the code now, will do a release when I've fixed a couple of other bugs.

    I get it when trying to update from WowAce
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    posted a message on ReBuff Reminder
    I just want a mod that will remind me when any buff i place on someone is about to run out and thats it. Most buff mods I have found are elaborate things that do much more than just that. Can anyone help me?
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    posted a message on Sprocket
    Quote from justme »

    since i update some other ace2 mods i got this error
    [2006/11/19 23:38:31-395-x1]: Sprocket\Sprocket.lua:592: attempt to call method `GetItem' (a nil value)
    Sprocket\Sprocket.lua:592: in function `VerifyMenus'
    Sprocket\Sprocket.lua:116: in function `OnInitialize'
    AceAddon-2.0\AceAddon-2.0.lua:494: in function `InitializeAddon'
    AceAddon-2.0\AceAddon-2.0.lua:370: in function `obj_method'
    AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:246: in function `TriggerEvent'
    AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:901: in function <Interface\AddOns\Ace2\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:893>

    i tried to downgrade the addons but that didnt work...

    anyone who can halp me with this?

    I get the same error
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