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    I have an addon (Colorful) which can change the colors of windows and bars. The colors are reset after each UI reload. Therefore, I am setting the colors from saved variables during the OnInitialize function.

    The problem is, some windows are not created at this time. Therefore, I can't set the colors of those windows. I couldn't find an event for window creation. So, I use the OnUpdate function to check if window is created yet. I check this every two second.

    When the colors of the all windows are set, I don't need this OnUpdate function any more. This is called very often (after every frame I guess). Thus, when I am done with it, I assign an empty method as my OnUpdate function. Even though the method is empty, I would rather unregister this OnUpdate completely. Is there any way to do this?
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    I just released a beta version of my addon Colorful which can change the color of the cast bar and some other UI elements. After I saw your message, I checked if I could add the features you wanted. However, I couldn't find any way to change the colors you mentioned. I fear they may be hard-coded.

    But if anyone finds a way to change them, I can gladly add those features to my addon.
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