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    as i said, i know that lua is some scriptlike programming language, i never worked ith it and have atm no time to learn it.
    All i CAN do is to translate stuff. and that fairly good ;)

    So Fridge, you do the coding and stuff, and i reread that thing and put all typos big on the black board ;)

    First thing: all addons have a slash command with either /show or /toggle or alike. even in german. ;)
    We call it "Neudeutsch" ;)

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    hm, seems i found the matching forum thread :)

    here we go (with the german local):

    The UI.lua file:
    -- base localization
    DailyTrackerStrings = {
    	AddOnTitle = "Daily Quest Viewer",
    	-- command line commands
    	ShowCommand = "show",
    	ShowCommandDescription = "Zeigt das Daily Quest Viewer Fenster",
    	DebugCommand = "debug",
    	DebugCommandDescription = "Schaltet debug-Infos ein oder aus.",
    	-- category names (redundant, because im an idiot and made it so)
    	DailyHeroic = "Tageshero",
    	DailyNormal = "Tagesini Normal",
    	DailyFishing = "Tagesfischquest",
    	DailyCooking = "Tageskochquest",
    	DailyBattleground = "TAges BG",
    	Unknown = "(unbekannt)",
    	-- minimap button
    	MinimapButtonHint = "Klicken um die Tagesquests von heute anzuzeigen.\nRechtsclick um die Position dieses Icons zu ?ndern.",
    	-- version checks
    	OutOfDateMsg = "Diese Version von Daily Quest Viewer ist nicht mehr aktuell.",
    	SameProtocolMsg = "Aber nicht alles ist verloren!\nDiese Version ist immer noch kompatibel mit der neusten Version.",
    	DiffProtocolMsg = "Diese Version ist nicht mehr mit der neusten Version kompatibel.\nLade dir so schnell wie m?glich die neuste Verion herunter:\nhttp://www.wowace.com/wiki/DailyQuestViewer",
    	-- dummy entry so you don't have to remember to remove the last comma
    	Dummy = "(dummy)"
    if GetLocale() ~= "enUS" then
    	-- default tracker strings already in english, no translations needed
    	-- do translations here by: DailyTrackerStrings.DailyHeroic = "das dailiheroikken", etc.

    the quests.lua file:
    DailyCategories = {
    	-- CategoryName: the name of the category
    	-- Id: a unique string used to identify this category. MUST REMAIN THE SAME FOR ALL LOCALIZATIONS.
    	{ CategoryName = "Tageshero", Id="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{ CategoryName = "Tagesini Normal", Id="DAILYNORMAL" },
    	{ CategoryName = "Tageskochquest", Id="DAILYCOOKING" },
    	{ CategoryName = "Tagesfischquest", Id="DAILYFISHING" },
    	{ CategoryName = "Tages BG", Id="DAILYBATTLEGROUND" }
    DailyQuests = {
    	-- Title: title of the quest
    	-- Location: instance required for the quest, or nil if it's not an instance quest
    	-- Category: pointer to the category that this quest belongs. MUST REMAIN THE SAME FOR ALL LOCALIZATIONS.
    	-- Id: a unique string used to identify this quest. MUST REMAIN THE SAME FOR ALL LOCALIZATIONS.
    	{Title="Gesucht: Schildwachen der Arkatraz", Location="Arcatraz", Id="ARC", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Myrmidonen des Echsenkessels", Location="Dampfkammer", Id="SV", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: B?sartige Ausbilderinnen", Location="Schattenlabyrinth", Id="SLAB", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: F?rsten der Zeitenrisse", Location="HdZ 2", Id="BM", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Zenturionen der Zerschmetterten Hand", Location="Zerschmetterte Hallen", Id="SH", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Schwestern der Qual", Location="Terasse des Magisters", Id="MgT", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Kanalisierer der Sonnensucher", Location="Botanika", Id="BOT", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Zerst?rer der Sturmschmiede", Location="Mechanar", Id="MECH", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Nazans Reitgerte", Location="Bollwerk", Id="HFR", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Keli'dans gefiederter Stab", Location="Blutkessel", Id="BF", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Messerfausts Siegel", Location="Zerschmetterte Hallen", Id="SH", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Das Herz von Quagmirran", Location="Sklavenunterk?nfte", Id="SP", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Ei der Schattenmutter", Location="Tiefensumpf", Id="UB", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Die Aufzeichnungen des Kriegsherren", Location="Dampfkammer", Id="SV", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Die Kopfschmuckfedern von Ikiss", Location="Sethekkhallen", Id="SETH", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Shaffars wundersames Amulett", Location="Managruft", Id="MT", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Der Seelenedelstein des Exarchen", Location="Auchenaikrypta", Id="AUCH", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Murmurs Fl?stern", Location="Schattenlabyrinth", Id="SLAB", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Der Kopf des Epochenj?gers", Location="HdZ 1", Id="DURN", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Aeonus' Stundenglas", Location="HdZ 2", Id="BM", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Warpzweigsplitter", Location="Botanika", Id="BOT", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Pathaleons Projektionsger?t", Location="Mechanar", Id="MECH", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Horizontiss' Schriftrolle", Location="Arcatraz", Id="ARC", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Der Siegelring von Prinz Kael'thas", Location="Terasse des Magisters", Id="MgT", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Manazi?s", Location="Nethersturm", Id="MANALICIOUS", Category="DAILYCOOKING"},
    	{Title="Rache ist schmackhaft", Location="Skettis", Id="REVENGE", Category="DAILYCOOKING"},
    	{Title="Suppe f?r die Seele", Location="Nagrand", Id="SOUPFORSOUL", Category="DAILYCOOKING"},
    	{Title="Superhei?es Ragout", Location="Schergrat", Id="SUPERHOTSTEW", Category="DAILYCOOKING"},
    	{Title="Garnelenfangen ist nicht einfach", Location="Zangarmarschen", Id="SHRIMPIN", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="K?derbanditen", Location="W?lder von Terrokar", Id="BAITBANDITS", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="Der Eine, der entkam", Location="Nagrand", Id="GOTAWAY", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="Teufelsblutfilet", Location="SMT / HFHI", Id="FELBLOODFILLET", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="Krokilisken in der Stadt", Location="Ogr / SW", Id="CROCOLISKS", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="Ruf zu den Waffen: Auge des Sturms", Location="Auge des Sturms", Id="EOTS", Category="DAILYBATTLEGROUND"},
    	{Title="Ruf zu den Waffen: Alteractal", Location="Alteractal", Id="AV", Category="DAILYBATTLEGROUND"},
    	{Title="Ruf zu den Waffen: Arathibecken", Location="Arathibecken", Id="AB", Category="DAILYBATTLEGROUND"},
    	{Title="Ruf zu den Waffen: Kriegshymmnenschlucht", Location="Kriegshymmenschlucht", Id="WSG", Category="DAILYBATTLEGROUND"},
    	-- dummy quest, so noone (namely, me) has to remember to not put a comma at the end of the quest list.
    	{Title="DummyQuest", Id="DUMMYQUEST", Category="NO_CATEGORY"}

    this is just the raw data, but im pretty sure you get that stuff right so it also works ;)

    another small thing: german uses some special characters like ???. maybe you need to replace these in some way?

    Greetz HJT
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    good work so far :)

    But what i really miss is to know, some seconds after login, WHAT random dailies are up today. mainly which cooking, which fishing and wich two dungeons.

    I thought long about it, and... my solution goes this way:

    Open a Channel, similar to GEM, where you just send "encrypted" stuff, and... noone can write or read that channel, all information about it is hidden in a normal UI.
    Then, on that channel, someone who already knows all information, or has gathered it from previous users, broadcasts this information all... let me say 10 or 15 seconds. when this person quits, well... either there is some option to announce that this person leaves, or... a "ping timeout" is initiated, after 12/17s with no reply someone else in the channel is promoted to broadcaster.

    A possible problem i know from GEM, if a channel has too many members, the game may get laggy.

    As i dont write addons myself, it could be very possible that such stuff is not possible or whatever. i just liked to bring up that subject :)
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