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    I have a couple of questions re the cartographer quests plugin.

    First, I've noticed that when I complete a quest it's not disappearing the quest from my map nor minimap, wondering why. I have the filters selected as follows (where v = checked and x = unchecked):

    v active quests
    x unavailable quests
    x completed quests
    v notes of a previous version
    v available quests
    v failed quests
    x done quests
    v trivial quests
    v repeatable quests

    Wondering based on this filtering why the quest isn't auto marked as done and removed from the map when I turn it in. I'm having to do it manually.

    Second, I am wondering why some quests are denoted on the minimap/map as exclamation points/question marks of the appropriate colors (given available/completed/repeatable) yet others are books? Is there a way to fix this so that they are all uniformly the punctuation rather than the books?

    Thank you for your time/help.
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