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    Hey guys =]

    First off I'd like to say I've been using bartender for quite some time. Love the design and options. Thanks for all the hard work.

    My question is related to the original gryphon UI. I have search the forum and found nothing related to it.

    Myself, I love the gryphons. I want to be able to keep them and the original bar with system menu at the bottom of my screen and also use bartender4 to have some free floating ones.

    My issue is when I log in, Bartender4 removes the default UI frame and I see no options to add it back.

    I was able to manual edit the: Bartender4.lua and change "MainMenuBarArtFrame:Hide() to Show and when I logged back in the bar was there. But I'm unable to add any icons to it. Seems the bar is locked from showing the related icons in it. Hmmm it just occured to me that I could possibly just "move" the bars on top of the Graphic. Though I'm at work and can't try it out. *** EDIT: Tested. The default UI bar is on top of the bartender bars. Unable to see the buttons.

    Are there any other options in the lua files I could edit that would allow the icons to show properly in the default bar but still allow me to free float others around the screen?

    At the moment I am forced to use the default Blizzard bars and hide them via a macro script.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Sorry for the wall of txt.

    Short Form:

    Request: Help on editing the proper lua to show the default BAR1 with the default blizzard art frame (gryphons and system menu) - Would like to keep this on my screen rather than hidden. I don't see the option in the bartender4 options itself.

    I've changed MainMenuBarArtFrame:Hide() to Show
    but I'm missing some things as the icons won't show on the artframe.

    Thanks again,
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