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    posted a message on Shadowed Unit Frames [official]
    Thank you!

    It's fixed.


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    posted a message on Shadowed Unit Frames [official]
    Quote from Shadowed
    Saying there is an error doesn't help me. It's always necessary to post error traces.

    I know. But if that issue would have been known it might have brought something to your mind ;)

    And I said that I will post the error log but unfortunately I wasn't able to do so yesterday.
    I will post it today.

    Anyway I didn't expect you to solve my issue without knowing what this issue is all about ;)

    As promised my log from bugsack:

    1x ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\modules\combopoints.lua:48: attempt to index local 'color' (a nil value)
    ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\ShadowedUnitFrames.lua:345: in function `FireModuleEvent'
    ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\modules\layout.lua:126: in function `Load'
    ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\modules\units.lua:243: in function `SetVisibility'
    ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\modules\units.lua:544: in function <...nterface\AddOns\ShadowedUnitFrames\modules\units.lua:397>
    <in C code>: in function `SetAttribute'
    ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\modules\units.lua:858: in function `LoadUnit'
    ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\modules\units.lua:1138: in function `InitializeFrame'
    ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\ShadowedUnitFrames.lua:154: in function `LoadUnits'
    ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\ShadowedUnitFrames.lua:81: in function `OnInitialize'
    ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.3\ShadowedUnitFrames.lua:614: in function <...ace\AddOns\ShadowedUnitFrames\ShadowedUnitFrames.lua:612>
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    posted a message on Shadowed Unit Frames [official]
    Hi there,

    I couldn't find an answer on my issue so I will post it here.

    Is there a known issue with the built in combo point part

    Since 4.2 I always get error messages in my bugsack regarding the combo points part of the unit frames.

    If necessary I will post the bug details today evening.

    Thank you in advance,

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