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    Would it be possible to have the option of customizing the messages Craftlist 2 gives someone who whispers you?

    I've been using Craftbot and Enchantbot for almost a year now, and it's VERY outdated. The reason I still use it though is because I can customize it so well. I've got all my messages written out myself the way I want them, and whenever someone whispers me, It tells them which character they've whispered, what the character crafts (blacksmith, alchemy, enchant, tailoring etc) and if they search for something, the results are clearly explained, even if the result is over the limit of replies, and/or nothing was found.

    I've started to use Craftlist 2 and while I like having the combined features of Craftbot, and Enchantbot, I wish I could modify the replies given by the addon, and make them easy to understand. After all, the buyer will most likely only bother with it for a few minutes before giving it a pass if it is confusing. Wouldn't it be better to make sure it was as easily understandable as possible for them, especially if they've just seen it for the first time?
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