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    posted a message on Manufac: Retooled Professions
    Started testing this yesterday, and it looks nice...

    I had a look at the german localization, and when I saw it isn't finished yet, I started to work on it:

    local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("Manufac")
    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function()
    return {
    ["Alchemy"] = "Alchimie",
    ["Engineering"] = "Ingenieurskunst",
    ["Enchanting"] = "Verzauberkunst",
    ["Leatherworking"] = "Lederverarbeitung",
    ["Tailoring"] = "Schneiderei",
    ["Blacksmithing"] = "Schmiedekunst",
    ["First Aid"] = "Erste Hilfe",
    ["FirstAid"] = "ErsteHilfe",
    ["Cooking"] = "Kochkunst",
    ["Jewelcrafting"] = "Juwelenschleifen",
    ["Smelting"] = "Verh\195\188ttung",
    ["Mining"] = "Bergbau",
    ["Poisons"] = "Gifte",
    ["Disenchant"] = "Entzaubern",

    ["Reset the profession groups"] = "Die Handwerksgruppen zurücksetzen",
    ["Change between Difficulty and Alphabetical sorting"] = "Sortierung zwischen Alphabetisch/Schwierigkeit wechseln",
    ["Change popup position behavior"] = "Das Verhalten der Popup-Position ändern",
    ["Refresh Needed, Click Here"] = "Aktualisierung erforderlich, hier klicken",
    ["Refresh"] = "Aktualisierung",
    ["Cast"] = "zaubern",
    ["Create"] = "herstellen",
    ["Create X"] = "X herstellen",
    ["Create All"] = "Alle herstellen",
    ["LinkResult"] = "Ergebnis linken",
    ["LinkRecipe!"] = "Rezept linken",
    ["Grouping"] = "Gruppierung",
    ["Alpha"] = "Alphabetisch",
    ["Difficulty"] = "Schwierigkeit",
    ["Close"] = "Schließen",
    ["Toggle money summary"] = "Geldzusammenfassung umschalten",
    ["Options"] = "Optionen",
    ["Reset"] = "Reset",
    ["Sort Type"] = "Sortierungs Typ",
    ["Money Summary"] = "Geldzusammenfassung",
    ["Position"] = "Position",
    ["Manufac is Disabled, /manufac standby"] = "Manufac ist deaktiviert, /manufac standby",
    ["Use FuBar"] = "FuBar benutzen",
    ["Toggle Level 2 Tooltips"] = "Toggle Level 2 Tooltips",
    ["Toggle Level 3 Tooltips"] = "Toggle Level 3 Tooltips",
    ["Retrieve Basic Data"] = "Basis-Daten abfragen",
    ["Retrieve All Data"] = "Alle Daten abfragen",
    ["Data Options"] = "Data Options",
    ["Can Make"] = "Kann erstellen",
    ["Cannot Create Anything"] = "Kann nichts erstellen",
    ["Show Can Make"] = "Kann erstellen anzeigen",

    ["Center"] = "Mitte",
    ["Left"] = "Links",
    ["Right"] = "Rechts",
    ["Bottom"] = "unten",
    ["BottomLeft"] = "unten links",
    ["BottomRight"] = "unten rechts",
    ["Top"] = "Oben",
    ["TopLeft"] = "Oben links",
    ["TopRight"] = "Oben rechts",
    ["Mouse"] = "Maus",
    ["X Offset"] = "X Offset",
    ["Y Offset"] = "Y Offset",
    ["Set X Offset"] = "X Offset eingeben",
    ["Set Y Offset"] = "Y Offset eingeben",
    ["Unknown"] = "Unbekannt",
    ["Unsorted"] = "Unsortiert",

    ["Agility"] = "Beweglichkeit",
    ["Ammo"] = "Munition",
    ["Armor Kit"] = "Rüstungsset",
    ["Armor"] = "Rüstung",
    ["Axe"] = "Axt",
    ["Bandage"] = "Verband",
    ["Basic Minerals"] = "Basic Minerals",
    ["Belt"] = "Gürtel",
    ["Blinding Powder"] = "Blendungspulver",
    ["Boots"] = "Stiefel",
    ["Bracers"] = "Armschienen",
    ["Chest"] = "Brust",
    ["Cloak"] = "Umhang",
    ["Cloth"] = "Stoff",
    ["Container"] = "Behälter",
    ["Crippling Poison"] = "Verkrüppelndes Gift",
    ["Dagger"] = "Dolch",
    ["Deadly Poison"] = "T\195\182dliches Gift",
    ["Elixir"] = "Elixier",
    ["Explosive"] = "Explosive",
    ["Firework"] = "Feuerwerk",
    ["Flask"] = "Fläschen",
    ["Gloves"] = "Handschuhe",
    ["Gun"] = "Schusswaffe",
    ["Head"] = "Kopf",
    ["Healing"] = "Heilung",
    ["Healing/Mana"] = "Heilung/Mana",
    ["Health Regen"] = "Gesundheitsregeneration",
    ["Instant Poison"] = "Sofort wirkendes Gift",
    ["Intellect"] = "Intelligenz",
    ["Leather"] = "Leder",
    ["Mace"] = "Streitkolben",
    ["Mana Regen"] = "Manaregeneration",
    ["Mana"] = "Mana",
    ["Mats"] = "Materialien",
    ["Mind-numbing Poison"] = "Gedankenbenebelndes Gift",
    ["Misc"] = "Misc",
    ["Oil"] = "Öl",
    ["Pants"] = "Pants",
    ["Pets"] = "Pets",
    ["Polearm"] = "Polearm",
    ["Protection"] = "Schutz",
    ["Quiver"] = "Köcher",
    ["Scopes"] = "Zielfernrohre",
    ["Shield"] = "Schild",
    ["Shirt"] = "Hemd",
    ["Shoulders"] = "Schultern",
    ["Special Minerals"] = "Special Minerals",
    ["Special"] = "Special",
    ["Stamina"] = "Ausdauer",
    ["Stamina/Spirit"] = "Ausdauer/Willenskraft",
    ["Standard"] = "Standard",
    ["Stones"] = "Steine",
    ["Strength"] = "Stärke",
    ["Sword"] = "Schwert",
    ["Transmute"] = "Transmutieren",
    ["Trinkets"] = "Schmuck",
    ["Weapon"] = "Waffe",
    ["Wound Poison"] = "Wundgift",

    Feel free to use it. I had no problems using it on my machine, but I take no responsibility for absolute correctness. ;)
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Hi there!

    I started testing "ClosetGnome_OhNoes" (r17696) the day before yesterday, but it seems not to work the way it should. Just before whiping, I'm getting a chat message that the weapons are removed, but unfortunately they are not. First I thought I probably don't have space left in my bags to remove, but there was still enough.

    Is there something I missed to get this to work as intended?
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    posted a message on Minimalist
    Using r15417, there is one thing I'd like to see added:

    To show me the value of grey items that I just auto-sold at a vendor. Probably as a chat-output like it does already with the repair costs. Would that be possible to add in the future?
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    posted a message on Capping and InFlight - Official Thread
    Yes, please. ^^

    I'm looking for a really good battleground mod for ages now, and if it would be an aced one, it would be even better. :)

    I tried "Capping" two weeks ago, but was getting several error-messages right after login, so I skipped it.
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    posted a message on Tradeskillinfo localization?
    I offered to help with deDE-localization on WoW Interface.

    But I'll wait to start till he get's things done...
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    posted a message on Cartographer
    Thank you so much for this... finally I got rid of all my CT-mods. ;-)

    /target ckknight


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    posted a message on CooldownCount (Ace2)
    Couldn't read anything about it, so here's my question:

    Does it work with "Bongos?
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    posted a message on Request- A pally power equivilent
    It isn't. ^^

    We are using it in our guild as well, and me for example, I'm not using CTRaid anymore, and got no problems with "Pally Power".

    Still I would appreciate a (pallie-)buffmod that's aced very much. :-)
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    posted a message on CoC
    Hmmm, okay... thanks.

    Seems like I have to test this myself to find out a bit more about it. Or maybe MoonWolf passes by sometime and tells us further details. :)
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    posted a message on cr_Viewport (or Viewports the Hard Way)
    Quote from Taube »

    Quote from Rivas »

    Is it possible to use a texture instead of a black box? I've been trying to change a bit in the code to do this, but with no succes so far.

    You could work with Xart (it´s in the SVN) and replace the existing textures with your own.

    Did anyone do this already? If so, could he/she tell me what to do, or give me a file to download that I just have to add then? Unfortunatley I don't know much about textures, lua, coding or whatever... ;-)
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    posted a message on CoC

    I saw this today and would be interessted in more information about it. Is there a readme or something? Couldn't find anythings here in the forum, nor somewhere else on the page.
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    posted a message on Suggestions for helping me cutdown on my mem usage?
    I don't know if the game itself comes up with a function to show this (I don't think so), but there are several mods out there that can show you this information. Some examples:


    You can download them all here: http://www.wowace.com/files/
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    posted a message on So...raiding, healing, dispelling and...stuff.
    Those are the Ace2-raid-addons that I use with my paladin:


    That provides me all the information I need while raiding... and I love it.

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    posted a message on HonorFu Feature Request - Auto-Join BGs
    I really like HonorFu, but there is one thing I'd like to see in it (when comparing it to its Titan complement -> Honor+), and that's a list showing me the people that I got the most honor from.

    This screenshot (bottom) shows probably quiet good what I mean:

    Would that be possible to add?

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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    Quote from Progman »

    Is it possible to show an afk-status as CTRaid can do?

    Though XRS is showing me this, I also would like to see this directly on sRaidFrames. Would be great if you could implement this.

    Fantastic mod by the way. :)

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