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    posted a message on Mod to relocate and move Blizzard frames
    MoveIt maybe?
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    localization.deDE - feel free to add it:

    local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("GMail")

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    ["Fill in as many slots as you want. Each item will be sent in a separate mail to the recipient, with the subject you specify, followed by the item's name and count (for example: <Subject> [Gold Bar x10]). The combined postage is shown in the top right. You can alt-click on items in your bags to add them to the list automatically."] = "F\195\188lle soviele Slots an wie du willst. Jeder Gegenstand wird in einer seperaten Nachricht an den Empf\195\164nger gesendet, mit dem von dir gew\195\164hlten Betreff, gefolgt vom Gegenstandsnamen und der Anzahl (zum Beispiel: <Betreff> [Goldbarren x10]). Die gesamte Postgeb\195\188hr wird rechts oben angezeigt. Du kannst Gegenst\195\164nde in deinen Taschen mit einem ALT-Klick automatisch zur Liste hinzuf\195\188gen.",
    ["Send Mail"] = "Post senden",
    ["Send"] = "Senden",
    ["Cancel"] = "Abbrechen",
    ["Are you sure you want to send the mail? Total postage will be:"] = "Bist du sicher, dass du die Post senden willst? Postgeb\195\188hr wird sein:",
    ["You are sending:"] = "Du sendest:",
    ["Item(s)"] = "Item(s)",
    ["Abort"] = "Abbruch",
    ["Item %d out of %d."] = "Gegenstand %d von %d.",
    ["Sending mail |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r..."] = "Sende Nachricht |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r...",
    ["Done sending |c00FFFFFF%d|r mail(s)!"] = "Sendung abgeschlossen |c00FFFFFF%d|r Nachricht(en)!",
    ["Aborted. |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r mail were sent."] = "Abgebrochen. |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r Nachricht wurde gesendet.",
    ["Open Selected"] = "Markierte \195\182ffnen",
    ["Return Selected"] = "Markierte retournieren",
    ["Open All"] = "Alle \195\182ffnen",
    ["Open All?"] = "Alle \195\182ffnen?",
    ["Are you sure you want to open all mail?"] = "Bist du sicher, dass du alle Nachrichten \195\182ffnen willst?",
    ["Display process messages"] = "Fortschrittsnachrichten anzeigen",
    ["Mass Mail"] = "Massensendung",
    ["Forward"] = "Weiterleiten",
    ["<No Subject>"] = "<Kein Betreff>",
    ["<Unknown Sender>"] = "<Unbekannter Absender>",
    ["GMail: Mail |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r is Cash on Delivery, skipping..."] = "GMail: Nachricht |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r ist gegen Nachnahme, \195\188berspringen...",
    ["GMail: Mail |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r has no money or items, skipping..."] = "GMail: Nachricht |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r enth\195\164lt kein Geld oder Gegenst\195\164nde, \195\188berspringen...",
    ["GMail: Opening mail |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r: \"|c00FFFFFF%s|r\" from |c00FFFFFF%s|r."] = "GMail: \195\150ffne Nachricht |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r: \"|c00FFFFFF%s|r\" von |c00FFFFFF%s|r.",
    ["GMail: Returning mail |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r: \"|c00FFFFFF%s|r\" to |c00FFFFFF%s|r."] = "GMail: Retourniere Nachricht |c00FFFFFF%d|r/|c00FFFFFF%d|r: \"|c00FFFFFF%s|r\" an |c00FFFFFF%s|r.",
    ["GMail: cannot attach item."] = "GMail: kann Gegenstand nicht anh\195\164ngen.",
    ["GMail: An error occured in GMail. This might be related to lag, trying to send items with an item placed in the normal send mail window, or trying to send items that cannot be sent."] = "GMail: Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. Dies k\195\182nnte mit Lag zusammenh\195\164ngen, oder du versuchst Gegenst\195\164nde zu senden, die nicht verschickt werden k\195\182nnen.",
    ["GMail: Inventory full, aborting."] = "GMail: Inventar voll, abbrechend.",
    ["GMail: You already have the maximum amount of that item, skipping..."] = "GMail: Du hast bereits die maximale Anzahl dieses Gegenstands, \195\188berspringen...",
    } end)
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    posted a message on Capping and InFlight - Official Thread
    @ totalpackage

    "Capping" (r21612) came up with no errors at all when testing it yesterday in WS and AB. :)

    Unfortunately I had no time to test it in AV, but I'll catch up on soon.
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    posted a message on Looking for addon replacements
    @ Beroll

    - Coordinates on the World Map
    I know there is Cartographer but it's too massive for my taste since I only need coordinates.

    Does it have to be on the WorldMap? If not, I'd suggest to use "simpleMinimap", which can show coordinates on the minimap, and I'm sure there are some other functions in it that you are going to like.

    - EzDismount
    A small mod which automatically dismounts you when you try to use a spell, use the flightmaster and so on. Yes there is MountMe but besides the fact it has unneeded features I does not work completely.

    "Automaton" has this (in addition to many other useful things) -> http://www.wowace.com/wiki/Automaton

    - CT_RaidTracker
    I doubt there is an alternative but I try my luck. An addon that keeps track of raid attendees and the items looted. No need for automated export features though.

    You might wanna take a look at "nRaidTracker" (Periodic raid attendee tracking) -> http://www.wowace.com/files/nRaidTracker/
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    posted a message on Log of guild comings and goings
    I know this is not an ingame-addon and probabely not what you are looking for, though very useful sometimes:

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    posted a message on Capping and InFlight - Official Thread
    @ totalpackage

    Wow, thanks.

    You are very welcome.

    I just realized that Capping is not very localizable (if that's a word).

    I would rather say localizing it into german isn't easy.

    "The = Der/Die/Das" and things like that make it very complicated I guess...

    @Farook - alright, had to redo some locales and the way they were handled. Let me know what works (if at all) and what doesn't.

    I will as soon as possible. I hope I'll find time to play this evening, and I will let you know the results afterwards.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_Herbalism
    Quote from Farook »

    Quote from Neriak »

    k, still doesn't work with german client.

    Still waiting... is it so hard to fix this? :(

    Damn it... I forgot to say thanks for fixing the problem(s).

    Works perfect now on my deDE-client, plz keep up the great work. :-)
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    posted a message on Capping and InFlight - Official Thread
    Okay.... then let's do this. ;-)

    I tried to localize whatever I could. I would say I managed most, but not everything. The strings I'm really not sure about (or where I didn't have a translation at all, I marked with === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===. Maybe someone (who has more knowledge about lua and so) wants to add the missing things, so that we finally get this addon to run on deDE-clients. :-)

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    -- battlegrounds
    ["Alterac Valley"] = "Alteractal",
    ["Arathi Basin"] = "Arathibecken",
    ["Warsong Gulch"] = "Kriegshymnenschlucht",
    ["Eastern Kingdoms"] = "\195\150stliche K\195\182nigreiche",
    ["Arena"] = "Arena",

    -- factions
    ["Alliance"] = "Allianz",
    ["Horde"] = "Horde",

    -- options menu
    ["Enable"] = "Aktivieren",
    ["Auto quest turnins"] = "Autom. Questabgabe",
    ["Enable Alterac Valley automatic quest turnins"] = "Automatische Questabgabe im Alteractal aktivieren",
    ["Bar"] = "Leiste",
    ["Statusbar options"] = "Optionen Statusleiste",
    ["Font size"] = "Schriftgr\195\182\195\159e",
    ["Change statusbar font size"] = "Die Schriftgr\195\182\195\159e der Statusleiste \195\164ndern",
    ["Width"] = "Breite",
    ["Change statusbar width"] = "Die Breite der Statusleiste \195\164ndern",
    ["Height"] = "H\195\182he",
    ["Change statusbar thickness"] = "Die Dicke der Statusleiste \195\164ndern",
    ["Scale"] = "Skalierung",
    ["Change statusbar scale"] = "Die Skalierung der Statusleiste \195\164ndern",
    ["Texture"] = "Textur",
    ["Statusbar textures"] = "Die Textur der Statusleiste",
    ["Other"] = "Anderes",
    ["Other options"] = "Weitere Optionen",
    ["Auto show map"] = "Karte autom. anzeigen",
    ["Auto show the battlefield minimap on entry"] = "Die Schlachtfeld-Minikarte beim Betreten automatisch anzeigen",
    ["Map scale"] = "Kartenskalierung",
    ["Change the default scale of the battlefield minimap"] = "Die Standardskalierung der Schlachtfeld-Minikarte \195\164ndern",
    ["Queue Timer"] = "Warteschlangen-Timer",
    ["Enable statusbar for queues"] = "Die Statusleiste f\195\188r Warteschlangen aktivieren",
    ["Show/Hide Anchor"] = "Anker anzeigen/verstecken",
    ["Show/Hide the bars anchor (can also left-click a statusbar)"] = "Den Leistenanker anzeigen/verstecken (auch mit Linksklick auf Statusleiste)",
    ["Disable World PVP Map"] = "PvP-Weltkarte deaktivieren",
    ["Disable the battlefield minimap from showing outside battlegrounds"] = "Die Anzeige der Schlachtfeld-Minikarte au\195\159erhalb von Schlachtfeldern deaktivieren",
    ["Toggle class color"] = "Klassenfarbe an/aus",
    ["Enable/disable class color indicators on the scoreboard"] = "Die Klassenfarbe auf dem Scoreboard aktivieren/deaktivieren",
    ["Narrow map mode"] = "Karte verkleinern",
    ["Narrow the battlefield minimap, removing some empty space"] = "Verkleinern der Schlachtfeld-Minikarte (entfernt leeren Raum)",
    ["Test"] = "Test",
    ["Start a test bar"] = "Testleisten starten",

    -- etc timers
    ["Port: "] = "Port: ", -- bar text for time remaining to port into a bg
    ["Battleground Begins"] = "Schlachtfeld beginnt", -- bar text for bg gates opening
    ["begins in 1 minute"] = "beginnt in 1 Minute",
    ["begin in 1 minute"] = "Beginn in 1 Minute",
    ["1 minute until"] = "1 Minute bis",
    ["begins in 30 seconds"] = "beginnt in 30 Sekunden",
    ["begin in 30 seconds"] = "Beginn in 30 Sekunden",
    ["30 seconds until"] = "30 Sekunden bis",
    ["%s - %s remaining"] = "%s - %s verbleibend", -- chat message after shift left-clicking a bar
    ["One minute until"] = "Eine Minute bis",
    ["Thirty seconds until"] = "Drei\195\159ig Sekunden bis",
    ["Fifteen seconds until"] = "F\195\188nfzehn Sekunden bis",

    -- AB
    ["Bases: (%d+) Resources: (%d+)/2000"] = "Basen: (%d+) Ressourcen: (%d+)/2000", -- arathi basin scoreboard
    ["Farm"] = "Hof",
    ["Lumber Mill"] = "S\195\164gewerk",
    ["Blacksmith"] = "Schmiede",
    ["Mine"] = "Mine",
    ["Stables"] = "St\195\164lle",
    ["has assaulted"] = "hat ([^!]+) angegriffen!", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["claims the"] = "hat ([^!]+) besetzt!", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["has taken the"] = "hat ([^!]+) eingenommen!", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["has defended the"] = "hat ([^!]+) verteidigt!", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Final: %d - %d"] = "Endstand: %d - %d", -- final score text === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    [" wins %d-%d"] = "siegt %d-%d", -- final score chat message === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===

    -- WSG
    ["The (%w+) .lag was picked up by (.+)!"] = "(.+) hat die Flagge der %s aufgenommen!", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    [".lag was dropped"] = "(.+) hat die Flagge der %s fallen lassen!", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["(.+) captured the (%w+) .lag"] = "(.+) hat die Flagge der %s erobert!", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Flag respawns"] = "Die Flaggen wurden jetzt wieder an ihren St\195\188tzpunkten aufgestellt.", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===

    -- AV
    -- NPC
    ["Smith Regzar"] = "Schmied Regzar",
    ["Murgot Deepforge"] = "Murgot Deepforge", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Primalist Thurloga"] = "Primalist Thurloga",
    ["Arch Druid Renferal"] = "Erzdruide Renferal", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Stormpike Ram Rider Commander"] = "Stormpike Ram Rider Commander", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander"] = "Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Wing Commander Jeztor"] = "Schwadronskommandant Jeztor",
    ["Wing Commander Guse"] = "Schwadronskommandant Guse",
    ["Wing Commander Mulverick"] = "Schwadronskommandant Mulverick",
    ["Wing Commander Vipore"] = "Schwadronskommandant Vipore",
    ["Wing Commander Slidore"] = "Schwadronskommandant Sildore",
    ["Wing Commander Ichman"] = "Schwadronskommandant Ichman",
    -- quest items
    ["Armor Scraps"] = "R\195\188stungsfetzen",
    ["Frostwolf Hide"] = "Frostwolfbalg",
    ["Storm Crystal"] = "Sturmkristall",
    ["Stormpike Soldier's Blood"] = "Blut eines Soldaten der Sturmlanzen",
    ["Alterac Ram Hide"] = "Alteracwidderbalg",
    ["Stormpike Lieutenant's Flesh"] = "Fleisch eines Lieutenants der Sturmlanzen",
    ["Stormpike Soldier's Flesh"] = "Fleisch eines Soldaten der Sturmlanzen",
    ["Stormpike Commander's Flesh"] = "Fleisch eines Kommandanten der Sturmlanzen",
    ["Frostwolf Lieutenant's Medal"] = "Medaille des Lieutenants der Frostw\195\182lfe",
    ["Frostwolf Soldier's Medal"] = "Medaille des Soldaten der Frostw\195\182lfe",
    ["Frostwolf Commander's Medal"] = "Medaille des Kommandanten der Frostw\195\182lfe",
    -- patterns
    ["avunderattack"] = "(.+) wird angegriffen! If left unchecked, the (%w+) will", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["avtaken"] = "(.+) wurde von der (.+) eingenommen", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["avdestroyed"] = "(.+) wurde von der (.+) zerst\195\182rt", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["The "] = "Der ", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Snowfall Graveyard"] = "Schneewehenfriedhof",
    ["Tower"] = "Turm",
    ["Bunker"] = "Bunker",
    ["Upgrade to"] = "Upgrade to", -- the option to upgrade units in AV === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Wicked, wicked, mortals!"] = "Wicked, wicked, mortals!", -- what Ivus says after being summoned === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Ivus begins moving"] = "Ivus setzt sich in Bewegung", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["WHO DARES SUMMON LOKHOLAR"] = "WHO DARES SUMMON LOKHOLAR", -- what Lok says after being summoned === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["The Ice Lord has arrived!"] = "The Ice Lord has arrived!", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===
    ["Lokholar begins moving"] = "Lokholar setzt sich in Bewegung", === NEEDS TO BE CHECKED ===

    } end)
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    posted a message on Capping and InFlight - Official Thread
    With r20854, and playing on deDE-client, I'm still not getting this addon to work. :-(

    The test bar works just fine, but nothing else... for whatever reason.

    Maybe it has something to do with the following error. I keep getting it whenever I open the scoreboard:

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    posted a message on Automaton
    Quote from mbabigian »

    1) Repair items in my bags as well...

    It doesn't? :-o

    If that's the case (I have to take a look next time), I also would like to see that added. ^^
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    posted a message on KCI or Ludwig?
    The game crashed immediately when I tried to convert the database with v3.9.0.1195. ^^

    Well, seems like I have to wait for an official release...
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    Quote from Moonsorrow »

    Everything should now be fixed. Please try it out.

    Works again for me, thank you very much. :-)
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    posted a message on FuBar_RegenFu
    Quote from sylvanaar »

    Quote from Baghwan »

    Is it possible to move the five second rule bar? It's likely something really simple like alt drag I bet?

    Well, the bar is anchored to the fubar panel, it could be made moveable, but i didnt want to overcomplicate things. Right now its anchored to the fubar panel. If i have some extra time i'll add in a 2nd bar that is attached to a hidden frame.

    I really hope you'll find some extra time for this soon. ;-)
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    posted a message on AuldLangSyne 2.0
    Quote from Lewzephyr »

    Id like to request a feature for Auld. A friends / ignore sync feature between characters on the same realm. I don't mean sync with other people, but just with my other characters.
    Ive used BuddySync (http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=2547) for some time, but it doesnt appear to be getting updated for 2.0.

    If you could add this, that would be great. ^^
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    posted a message on BuddySync... WoW 2.0
    I also would like to see "BuddySync" updated for v2.0, as it is the only addon that is not updated for the new patch by now.

    Waiting and hoping....
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