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    Here's an updated localization for deDE:

    local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("FuBar_HonorFuPlus")
    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    	["Target hostile flagholder"] = "Gegnerischen Flaggentr\195\164ger ins Ziel nehmen",
    	["Target the current opposing flagholder. (also /tflag or /tarflag)"] = "Den momentanen gegnerischen Flaggentr\195\164ger ins Ziel nehmen (auch /tflag oder /tarflag)",
    	["Show honor"] = "Zeige Ehre",
    	["Show arena points"] = "Zeige Arenapunkte",
    	["Show Arathi Basin Marks"] = "AB-Marken anzeigen",
    	["Show Alterac Valley Marks"] = "AV-Marken anzeigen",
    	["Show Eye of the Storm Marks"] = "EotS-Marken anzeigen",
    	["Show Warsong Gulch Marks"] = "WSG-Marken anzeigen",
    	["Show Strand of the Ancients Marks"] = "SotA-Marken anzeigen",
    	["Show Isle of Conquest Marks"] = "IoC-Marken anzeigen",
    	["Show battlegrounds score"] = "Zeige Schlachtfeldpunkte",
    	["Show kills and deaths"] = "Zeige Kills und Tode",
    	["Show PvP cooldown"] = "Zeige PvP-Abklingzeit",
    	["Auto-release when dead"] = "Automatisch Geist freilassen",
    	["Toggle whether to automatically release when dead in battlegrounds"] = "Umschalten, ob automatisch Geist freigelassen werden soll, wenn man auf dem Schlachtfeld stirbt",
    	["Auto-open minimap for battlegrounds"] = "Gebietskarte auf Schlachtfeldern automatisch \195\182ffnen",
    	["Toggle whether to automatically open the battlegrounds minimap"] = "Umschalten, ob die Gebietskarte auf Schlachtfeldern automatisch ge\195\182ffnet werden soll",
    	["Print out PvP reputation gains"] = "Zeige erhaltenen PvP-Ruf",
    	["Print out honor gains"] = "Zeige erhaltene Ehre",
    	["Add info to enemy tooltip"] = "Info zum gegnerischen Tooltip hinzuf\195\188gen",
    	["Reset battlegrounds scores"] = "Schlachtfeldpunkte zur\195\188cksetzen",
    	["Reset the battlegrounds scores to 0-0"] = "Schlachtfeldpunkte auf 0-0 zur\195\188cksetzen",
    	["Show small HK gain text"] = "Zeige kleinen Text f\195\188r ehrenhafte Siege",
    	["Kill: %s. %d honor."] = "Get\195\182tet: %s. %d Ehre", -- "Kill: Guy. 50 honor."
    	["Gained %d reputation with %s"] = "%d Ruf bei %s erhalten", -- "Gained 50 reputation with Warsong Outriders"
    	["Kill: %s %s. %d honor gained. Killed %d times today"] = "Get\195\182tet: %s %s. %d Ehre erhalten. Heute bereits %d mal get\195\182tet.", -- "Kill: Private Guy. 50 honor gained. Killed 2 times today"
    	["Gained %d bonus honor"] = "%d Bonusehre erhalten", -- "Gained 50 bonus honor"
    	["Killed Today"] = "Heute get\195\182tet",
    	["Number of kills today.\nIf more than 10 kills, then no more honor from this player."] = "Anzahl der heutigen Kills.\nBei mehr als 10 Kills, keine Ehre mehr f\195\188r diesen Spieler",
    	["%d Kills - |cff%s%.0f%% %s|r"] = "%d Kills - |cff%s%.0f%% %s|r", -- "3 Kills - |cffcfcfcf70% Honor|r"
    	["On"] = "An",
    	["Off"] = "Aus",
    	["Total Honor:"] = "Gesamte Ehre:",
    	["Kills-Deaths:"] = "Kills-Tode:",
    	["Today's HK honor:"] = "Kill Ehre heute:",
    	["Today's bonus honor:"] = "Bonus Ehre heute:",
    	["Today's total honor:"] = "Gesammtehre heute:",
    	["Flagged"] = "Geflaggt",
    	["PvP Cooldown:"] = "PvP Abklingzeit:",
    	["Progress:"] = "Vortschritt:",
    	["Yesterday's honor:"] = "Gestrige Ehre:",
    	["Rating limit:"] = "Wertungsgrenze:",
    	["Rank limit:"] = "Ranggrenze:",
    	["Alterac Valley Marks:"] = "AV-Marken:",
    	["Eye of the Storm Marks:"] = "EotS-Marken:",
    	["Arathi Basin Marks:"] = "AB-Marken:",
    	["Warsong Gulch Marks:"] = "WSG-Marken:",
    	["Strand of the Ancients Marks:"] = "SotA-Marken:",
    	["Isle of Conquest Marks:"] = "Ioc-Marken:",
    	["Arena Points:"] = "Arenapunkte:",
    	["Personal Rating:"] = "Pers\195\182nliche Wertung:",
    	["Battlegrounds score:"] = "Schlachtfeldpunkte:",
    	["%s score"] = "%s Wertung", -- "Warsong Gulch score"
    	["%s weekend"] = "%s Wochenende", -- "Warsong Gulch weekend"
    	["Click to target flag carrier (%s)"] = "Klicken, um Flaggentr\195\164ger anzuvisieren (%s)", -- "Click to target flag carrier (Guy)"
    	["Color score frame"] = "Wertungsfenster einf\195\164rben",
    	["Color the score frame by class."] = "Wertungsfenster nach Klasse einf\195\164rben.",
    	["total"] = "gesammt",
    	["HINT"] = "Klicken, um PvP-Fenster anzuzeigen",
    	["Arathi Basin Mark of Honor"] = "Ehrenabzeichen des Arathibeckens",
    	["Alterac Valley Mark of Honor"] = "Ehrenabzeichen des Alteractals",
    	["Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor"] = "Ehrenabzeichen vom Auge des Sturms",
    	["Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor"] = "Ehrenabzeichen der Kriegshymnenschlucht",
    	["Strand of the Ancients Mark of Honor"] = "Ehrenabzeichen vom Strand der Uralten",
    	["Isle of Conquest Mark of Honor"] = "Ehrenabzeichen der Insel der Eroberung",
    } end)

    Maybe you wanna add it (as I did on my machine).
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    Is it really worth doing something about those "bad rezzers" at all?

    I don't think so, but that's my personal opinion.
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    Thanks for bringing back HonorFuPlus.

    Much appreciated.
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    posted a message on What do you do on Tuesdays?
    On Tuesday I play WoW of course, because "my maintenance" is on Wednesday. :p
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    You welcome.
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    With the latest releases (currently using r1092) that problem has totally disappeared for me.
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    You are already able to put your Grid-Config-Button on any kind of LDB-display.

    At least I do...
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    Welcome back, Kirkburn! :)

    I'd really appreciate if you would continue your work on ClearFont! And I'm quiet sure, many others would do too...
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    Is it?

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    Quote from OrionShock
    But i think he's asking about increasing the font size for the raid warning frame.

    You are absolutely right. That's what he asked.
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    You welcome!
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    Ara_Broker_SpecSwitcher is fantastic:

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    I like the raid frames.

    What are they created with? Is it Pitbull4?
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    Did the 10 man version of Onyxia last night.

    This time Recount only refused to work while clearing the trash mobs. When starting to beat down the old Lady, it started to work as intended again (what it didn't do couple of days ago when doing 25 man version as reported).

    Something strange is happening here... :p
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