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    posted a message on Parrot 1.0 Beta for the 2.4 combat log
    Not sure if anyone else has seen this .. but looks like ck has released the new version of Parrot.

    Or am I mistaken..
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    posted a message on Yata (not an official thread)

    Unfortunately I'm posting this from home so don't have access to the error logs to post but for the last several days I've been having an issue with Yata where the addon appeears in Fubar I can set up new sets etc.

    However the visual elements eg the totam bar and totem timers will not display. When I login I get an error message(will post this later). I have deleted the Yata folder in my addons directory and have reinstalled a fresh copy. Didn't make a difference, can anyone share any ideas on how I can fix this ?
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