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    I am trying to find a solution to a problem that I suspect has something to do with Bartender4 retrieved & updated from Curse.com, but may be my lack of understanding on how to use BT4. I am relatively new Level 31 Rogue with Bars 1,2 & 3 visible on my screen. Two different things happen:
    1) When I go in and out of Stealth mode buttons change position on the bar (e.g. in stealth the throw button is key 2 but out of stealth it is key3) and other buttons appear or disappear. The latter problem does not seem to create a problem as the ones appearing in stealth are only usable in stealth, but I would have thought that they would remain visible but grayed out. Out of stealth there are doubles of many items which is not what I set up.

    2) the bigger problem is that erratically (I cannot see a pattern) the entire arrangement of the buttons will change and frequently has none of my aggression buttons. Twice this happened when I went through a portal into a dungeon - which made it impossible for me to proceed. I can tell you that reloading the UI does not fix it, but if I close WoW and restart it then everything is back to the original with the peculiarities noted above. In a dungeon, I have no time to leave the game and restart or I end up dead.

    Can you help me either track these down or even better - solve them. Other Addons running all up to date per Curse - ACP, Carbonite, OmniCC, Auctioneer, DHUD4, Dugi's guide latest version, Zygor's Talent guide, SliceandDice, and I am probably forgetting some. I have not unselected any of the Standard Blizzard Addons.

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