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    Quote from Torhal
    ..... and certainly didn't happen on patch day.

    Wierd, because I was downloading mods from files.wowace.com just this morning. The main announcement was only posted a week ago.

    If it wasn't rushed to avoid the most certain influx of patch day traffic, I could understand the desire to avoid that issue again. (which was a big part of the problem is the first place)

    If it wasn't rushed, then I'd have to disagree with "not sprung" part.
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    I have to say, this is a sad sad day.

    I don't find myself in any of the categories really, though I suppose I'm just a hairline notch above the "ZOMG USER". Only key difference being that I realized and understood that the mods were beta mods, could be bugged or flaky, but wasn't much of getting into the code to help fix it, so I can't really classify myself as a power user either.

    I didn't spam for updates ever single time I saw a change in version number. I typically used WAU when I saw new features to a mod in its thread, or of course...for patch days. Which is how I of course found out that WAU isn't working at this point.

    I think a simple observation of how long ago that announcement went out and how long it took me to realize that WAU didn't work anymore supports my above statement.

    Even understanding and relating to the "developer site" mentality, I have to say that this is still a terrible way for things to end. I am personally disheartened a great deal. I much much prefer wowace addons. One of the reasons I started coming here in the first place, was my attempt to fully ace my mods. Any mods I had that were not Ace powered, I came here to look for replacements. Ace powered mods generally run better, look better, and perform their task better than most comparable mods out there.

    Now, I have to try and track down all my favorite ace powered mods from the crap and riff raff mods that are floating around out there now. To me, Ace was a stamp of quality that will no longer reside in an obvious fashion.

    As I read the article on why this change was coming about I can't help but ask myself the question: Since it grew out of control so quickly, one can only assume its popularity was immense, why not open an end users wowace site, for full release versions? (Yeah, I know, like we need another addon site). But honestly, the Ace site was easier to use, loads faster, has better mods, and obviously has a very loyal following. Not to mention that WAU destroys the crap out of all the other auto-updaters. Wishful thinking I know, but sure would be nice.

    I loathe the thought of going to Curse or UI. Wowinterface is not so bad, but the others make me cringe.

    Anyway, good luck with the change.
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    Hello, I downloaded some of the DKP mon modules in the hopes to switch over to a new DKP mod and get away from my aging unsupported mod. It seems to be capable of doing everything we are doing with our current system, but as of yet I haven't been able to get everything to work just right.

    DKP_Mon base seems to be working all right, but when I add new players to the raid, I trip this lua error:

    http://www2.imperialarmy.net:14001/download.php?id=671&sid=6fccd71965b083ac44f7978f8b7b43a0 (picture download)

    The DKPmon_BossAuctions I'm using in particular for timed DKP and it appears to be failing all together, as soon as I log into the game it trips this lua error:


    Lastly, and this is just a curiosity question more than a bug or anything, but the mod Bidder, seems simple enough, yet somehow it is almost the biggest resource hog of my 20+ UI mods. That seems awfully high for such a simple mod. Seems like it should be a lot smaller for such a simple task. Just for the sake of documentation, here is a screenshot of PerformanceFu and where Bidder falls in the lineup.

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