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    posted a message on Buff Timer bars?
    Would rock, as it is the bars are sitting next to Gotwood, which does use Candybar if I'm not mistaken :-)
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    posted a message on Better combatlog?
    I got one issue with SCL other than that I like it fine :-)

    The issue is that damage from totems are not reported, it shows something like

    [You]Searing Totem [You]

    instead of reporting the damage...
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    posted a message on Clique 0.2.0-Beta Released
    Just a strong urge to *bowdown*, this is seemingly so simple a solution but it has solved many problems I've been having.

    Only one question, if I throw a heal at a "targets target" I end up targeting the person I healed. Is it possible to do without losing ones target without writing scripts?

    Seems I end up targeting whomever I heal every time, kind of a bummer although it does'nt matter all that much atm ;-)
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    I really like the frames, portrait option would be cool though but I'm in no rush :-)

    Targetoftarget is there so if you're just missing the frame you're missing something Maytrix.

    Oh and as tarrantm said, a setting for all frames would be nice, missed that as well.
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