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    posted a message on Cartographer + Cartographer_Mining Only showing some ore?

    Installed as follows, extract cartographer and cartographer mining into addons folder, copyed the mining.lua file from cartographer data into SavedVariables folder.

    When i go into outland it only shows fel iron deposits, nothign else. If i find something else my self such as a adamantite deposit and mine it, it gets added to my map for me.

    Got my mate to check his outland map while he was in Ashenvale and i then noticed that half the things he could see in ashenvale i also couldn't (such as gold and silver ore).

    Any ideas or suggestions would be great. I do remember seeing something about that issue either here or wow.curse but at the time was having other issues so didn't pay any attention adn now i need it i cant find it lol
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