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    Quote from SoLoR »

    most people are happy and there was not even 1 negative comment until now

    I sure hope I didn't come off as a negative comment. That wasn't my intent at all. I'm really liking Buffalo and you guys have done great work! I just hate change and I want my UI as close to what I'm used to seeing as I can get post-patch :)

    I had the 19870 version that I downloaded last night. I blew away my saved variables and tried the new 21247 version. Indeed it is fixed thanks!

    I found the CreateDLayout function you mentioned and edited line 704 to have frame:SetBackdropColor(0,0,0,0). That did the trick for making the background transparent, in case anyone else wants to do that. Thanks for the pointer on where to find the setting.

    Thanks again guys!
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    I'm new to Buffalo, used to use Satrina's BuffBar before the patch. Couple of questions/feature requests.

    1) Is there a way to change the alpha/transparency of the gray buff background? Even perhaps a manual lua edit? I tried the ghost color alpha value but that didn't seem to work. As a side effect, if I were able to set the background transparent it would also serve as a work around to the issue Silent51 pointed out with the backgrounds showing after a config. It's not game breaking but it looks very weird to first time users since we tend to be doing config and locking on the first shot.

    2) Would be nice to be able to control the position of the timer text. I'd personally like to see right side, left side, and/or over icon.

    3) Minor thing, but when using white timer text, the colon in (mm:ss) is still yellow.

    4) Maybe I missed a combination of options, but is it possible to setup a vertical buff orientation that fills the entire first column, then only if needed overflows to a 2nd column? Something like:

    1 || 13
    2 || 14
    3 || 15
    4 || 16
    5 || 17
    6 || 18
    7 || 19
    8 || 20
    9 || 21
    10 || 22
    11 || 23
    12 || 24
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    It was in one of the previous versions of AceTimer, I've been meaning to go have a look at what's changed that it's not in there. You might just see it return there soon.
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