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    Quote from Arzach »

    Let's try to say something positive about this...

    I'm happy that you got a job, and I hope you like it and, even if lifeblood-sucking, I hope you find fulfillment (and a good pay) from it.

    About Parrot2, rest assured I'll give it a try. Better: I'll look forward to test it. Even better: if you need some debugging, shout. Best: if you need a code-monkey*, yell.


    *code-monkey: meaning I code like a [drunk] monkey would do. If any good code comes out of my head, it's just luck.

    I dearly miss Parrot.

    Of the three potential candidates to fill in for Parrot until it is updated for 2.4, which more closely matches Parrots functionality.

    - Pahbi
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    posted a message on Omen2
    When raiding with the previous version of Omen, I had Omen configured so that in the Omen window, I would see the threat of other warriors and druids in the raid as well as my own threat.

    I have been unsuccessful in configuring Omen 2 to recreate this behavior.

    I tried clicking the, 'show self' option, as well as turning off the all of the other classes and pets except warriors / druids. But I still cannot recreate the way the threat bars. Even with, 'always show self' option clicked, Omen doesn't show my threat in the threat meter.

    If anyone could help me configure Omen so it will display my threat in relation to the threat of the top 2-3 tanks, as it did in the previous version, I would be very greatful.

    Thank you,
    - Pahbi
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    posted a message on Party members disappearing in Pitbull 2

    I am having a small problem in Pitbull.

    Frequently during raids, especially after a boss encounter, 2-3 members of my party will disappear from the unit frames. Logging out, or doing a /console reloadui fixes the problem.

    I am using Pitbull in to display my party frames and main tank target frames.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide. Attached are two crops to illustrate what is happening.

    Before Boss:

    - Pahbi
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