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    Is anyone able to convert these two lines into the DT 3.0 syntax?

    ([MissingHP:Short:HPColor]) [~Status?CurHP:Short:HPColor] | [Status:Gray:MaxHP:Short:Color(2A8430)]
    [MaxMP:Short:Color(1E57AB)] | [~HasNoMP ? CurMP:Short:Color(81BEF7)] ([MissingMP:Short:Color(81BEF7)])

    I get a syntax error from both of them.

    Thanks in advance
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    posted a message on Henge - Button spheres for all!
    Quote from Samila »

    Quote from neslepax »

    Hmm, i cant get the "Misc Buffs", "Portal", "Teleport" and "Conjure Gem" selections to stick. they are blacnk each time i log on.

    Any ideas if something is wrong, or if it was designed this way?

    When you popup the menu selection you can either left click on one of them (a particular portal for example) to cast that spell right away, or you can right click on one to save it as the default. The default you select doesn't appear to being saved at this point between sessions.

    I actually have a pretty similar problem.
    Everytime I log in, three buttons of my hence are just empty. That would be the gem, portal and teleport one.
    When I open the menu to choose another one as standard all round "bubbles" are just blank inside. The tooltip is correct, but even interaction with them doesn't work.
    Any ideas how to solve this?
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