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    posted a message on Problem I cant solve....
    Here: http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/4482/ace2ue6.png

    See, it says all the addons i have via the command /ace2 list all

    and i have anabled both Cartographer and FuBar via /ace2 command line and still they just do not show up.....I really cant see what I am doing wrong...
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    posted a message on Problem I cant solve....
    Right, ive just come back to WoW, Installed WoW, updated etc, Now ive downloaded WoWAce Updater, Downloaded Basic Cartoographer (Thats the only addon i have), But when WoW loads, its just default map with now Carto settings or anything, Everything is enabled in my addons list, its fully updated, No errors on loading, I also tried that Cartograhper1 but still nothing, Im running on EU realms....

    Any help greatly taken :)
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    posted a message on Error in WoW
    Date: 2007-08-20 11:42:34
    ID: 4
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Cartographer\Cartographer.lua line 740:
    attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
    [C]: ?
    Cartographer\Cartographer.lua:740: runChildren()
    ...e\AddOns\Cartographer\Libs\Tablet-2.0\Tablet-2.0.lua:2355: children()
    ...e\AddOns\Cartographer\Libs\Tablet-2.0\Tablet-2.0.lua:2399: Open()
    (tail call): ?
    Cartographer, vr46441
    CartographerBattlegrounds, v2.0
    CartographerCoordinates, v2.0
    CartographerFoglight, v2.0
    CartographerGroupColors, v2.0
    CartographerGuildPositions, v2.0
    CartographerInstanceLoot, v2.0
    CartographerInstanceMaps, v2.0
    CartographerInstanceNotes, v2.0
    CartographerLookNFeel, v2.0
    CartographerNotes, v2.0
    CartographerPOI, v2.0
    CartographerProfessions, v2.0
    CartographerWaypoints, v2.0
    CartographerZoneInfo, v2.0
    CartographerMining, v1.0
    CartographerQuestObjectives, v0.9b
    EnhTooltip, v4.0.4
    FuBarBagFu, v2.0
    FuBarClockFu, v2.0
    FuBarDurabilityFu, v2.0
    FuBarExperienceFu, v1.1 $Revision: 40915 $
    FuBarHonorFu, v2.0
    FuBarItemBonusesFu, v2.1
    FuBarLocationFu, v2.0
    FuBarMailFu, v2.0
    FuBarMoneyFu, v20000-1
    FuBar, v33424
    FuTextures, v2.0
    IceHUD, v1.0 (41631)
    Informant, v4.0.4
    MobInfo2, v3.27
    Stubby, v1923
    Swatter, v4.0.4

    The error happens when i mouse over an objective, I download cartographer with quest objectives, then I placed a LUA file in my saved variables so that all quests would be in there, Also i use "Lightheaded" which is like all quests imported from WoWhead in its own frame, I disabled this thinking it could be that but still get that error....

    I tried reinstalling Cartographer and everything but still this error appears on 50% of quest objectives...

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    posted a message on Questobjectives - LF complete alliance
    Im searching for a complete alliance database for quest objectives, Ive seen the topic made about databases but everyone of the alliance ones are very lack luster!
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    posted a message on Problem with Cartographer
    I just got most of the Cartographer addons from the WoW Updater, But this is what i get when im in the game, A little yellow box? and when i move it gets bigger and bigger, What addon is doing this?

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