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    posted a message on HotCandy - a Healing over Time Monitor.
    Great and incredibly useful addon I use for various arena matches as a resto druid.

    The one change I make to my local copy (and would love to see upstream) is to add the druid Spell 'Abolish Poison,' spell ID 2893. This is great for dealing with those irritating rogue / hunter types that should know better but dont ;)

    to local durations, add
    • [2893] = 8, -- Abolish Poison

    to local castTrack, add
    • [2893] = true, -- Abolish Poison

    Regards, Immigrant. Turalyon US, Alliance.
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    posted a message on Recount
    To stop spam in the current version ( 71331 )

    Roster.lua, Line 44

    Change: Recount:Print(name)
    To: --Recount:Print(name)
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