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    posted a message on FuBar - QuestsFu

    I have a request for QuestFu. I'm not sure how it would fit in the whole addon architecture but it would be awesome to be able to create "custom" quests to allow tracking of various materials needed for recipes.

    Otherwise thanks for a great addon.
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    posted a message on Violation
    I seam to have a problem with the Threat Module in the sense that nothing is shown when i select that list.
    The build I'm using is:
    Violation: r38755
    Threat: r38788

    The guy i was in the party with was able to see my threat with Omen so i suppose something was working.

    Also PitBull was showing no threat at all. I have set the position to Portrait Bottom but no numbers were showing.

    Any ideas ?

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    posted a message on Cartographer Instances
    Hi there,

    Here's my request/proposal for you guys. Can you split the instances module into a separate module ?

    The reason for this is that i like using wowaceupdater to update all my addons everytime i start playing and when there are changes to cartographer i have to download the whole zip including the maps.

    Thanks a lot for the mod,
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    Hi there,

    There is an error that pops if one disables the skins modules. To fix it you need to edit line 190 in the skins.lua file to look like this:

    simpleMinimap:ToggleModuleActive(self, false)

    instead of

    self:ToggleModuleActive(self, false)
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