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    Quote from Evil Elvis »

    In reverse order:

    - There aren't any ace libs that deal with rotating that I'm aware of.

    - The WoW API supports Affine Transformations for textures (and textures only) which includes the ability to rotate them.

    - You might be pleasantly surprised in a few weeks :)

    I would be SO happy if you would support texture transformations via SetTexCoord. Right now, for example, I have 6 panels (with 6 different textures) that are all mirrors of each other. I have TopRight, TopLeft, TopCenter, BottomRight, BottomLeft, BottomCenter. If you implemented transformation, I could use the same single texture (rotated 90deg, flipped, etc.) for each of the corners and a second texture for the two centers.

    For rendered content, Blizzard often reuses the same textures in a number of creative ways to create different-appearing results. I can imagine a lot of users doing the same things for 2D content in their eePanels. Just make sure you put these settings in advanced controls or lots of people will mess up otherwise good-looking panels by experimentation and not have a clue how to get them back.

    Oh and get ready for lots of fun matrix math for transformations! :) It might be easiest to start with two simple transformations such as Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical. Then work your way up to Rotate 180deg, Rotate 90deg CW, Rotate 90deg CCW. If you're still feeling adventurous, you could add Rotate Arbitrary, Shear Horizontal, Shear Vertical.

    P.S. -- There's an awesome tutorial on WoWWiki with a pre-built transformation function you should look at: http://www.wowwiki.com/SetTexCoord_Transformations
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    WoWWiki is awesome for its exhaustive listing of the API, but its documentation for many of those topics is sparse or nonexistant. It has a few good, general-purpose examples, but most seem to be extremely focused and document only one nifty "trick" while leaving me clueless to figure out what the rest of the example is doing.

    For example, as it is right now, my addon does not create any frames at all. However, knowing that some addons schedule their activities based on frame refreshes helps me understand why some addons I use with timed activities simply stop working when I hide their minimap buttons. :)

    In any case, I'm continuing to work on this a little at a time. My goal is to be able to present a history so that it is visually obvious what times of day are being sampled, and being able to look at the data for a particular time period, rather than just a running average over all time.
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    Quote from septor »

    Be that as it may... I don't really see a reason for doing this when I only want one type of frame to not have a background. Seems like a lot of extra work that could be avoided if this feature were added to PitBull.

    Personally, I know I'd love that feature, too. However, look at it from the opposite perspective. It seems like it would be a lot of extra work for the author that could be avoided if this feature were NOT added to Pitbull. :)
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    Ok, here it is. My first ever WoW addon for you to test! Keep in mind:
    • It has no GUI. (Why create a GUI for something that's currently so simple?)
    • The code isn't pretty or perfectly efficient. (Not really an issue for something that happens once every 30 seconds.)

    What it does:
    • Every 30 seconds, samples your latency (same as you see on the latency bar)
    • Updates and saves a running average of all samples for this server

    How to use it:
    • Copy the LatencyStats folder to your Interface\Addons folder.
    • Type /latency (or /lsa) in-game for options

    Things to try:
    • Log on to more than one character on the same server. Your running averages are shared across characters, and even across factions if you're on a PvE server.
    • Log on to characters on another server. Now look at a report. You have a handy comparison.

    • I mentioned in an earlier post that this kept me from going AFK and disconnecting. I think that's because while debugging it, I was having it whisper myself every 30 seconds. You won't notice that happening with this version.

    • Add an option to clear all data for the current server or all servers.
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    Thanks for your support! Since this is the first addon I've ever written, I still need to polish it up a bit before it's ready for public consumption. I will keep you updated on my progress!

    The numbers the in-game latency meter and PerformanceFu give you come from the GetNetStats() game API. The latency returned by that API is updated only once every 30 seconds and presumably (hopefully?) represents the average latency of all packets sent and received in that 30 second window.

    Quartz and other addons that attempt to measure realtime latency may do so by sending themselves a message over the addon communication channel and using the computer's clock to measure how long it takes between when the message is sent and when it is received back. Or, they may time and compare particular events with predictable durations that occur.

    The goal of my addon is to create a big-picture overview of how "laggy" any particular realm is for you. To do that reliably and accurately, it needs to sample latency data over a long period of time. I have no intention of measuring realtime latency, as there are plenty of other mods that do that already in ways that best benefit their own use of the data.
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    Quote from septor »

    The reason for my request is so that I can remove the background entirely (alpha to 0) on my raid frames, but still have some what of a background on every other frame.

    You can already do this the resource-intensive way. Turn off backgrounds entirely, then create an eePanel for every other frame and set its parent to that frame. If you want every other frame to be the same, change your global settings for new eePanels first, and create new panels based on the global settings. Then the only thing you have to do with them is set the parent.
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    posted a message on [SquareBox] I have an idea
    This isn't just a forum to make requests, it's also a forum to simply propose new ideas and gauge interest. Also, it may involve an entirely new addon, or rewriting an existing addon (as stated in the forum description). That's why it's helpful (for me at least) to have that "square box" information in post subjects.

    For example, I'm not an author, so I'm unlikely to read posts with the subject "[Request Rewrite] Natur Enemy Cast Bars". On the other hand, I do want to read posts like "[Idea for New Addon] Timed Random Emotes" so I can comment on how useful I would find a mod that randomly brushes up against someone and farts every 43 seconds.

    The square bracket info in post subjects is useful for those of us with limited time to browse through the forums.

    (I do, however, agree that without more meaningful information in the post subject, just seeing "[Idea for New Addon]" is not enough. However, uninformative post subjects aren't the exclusive domain of this forum; you can find them in every other forum on this site. Why spend your time complaining about it here in a forum whose posts don't scroll every 12 hours like some of the others?)
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    Rationale: An important consideration for some players when choosing a new realm is what degree of latency they will encounter on that realm. Dedicated players may even choose their ISP based on latency. While some basic information about realm servers' geographic locations (by way of server time zone) is available on the Internet, it is no substitute for actually connecting to the realm and experiencing the latency in-game. It would be even better to complement this subjective experience with a statistical analysis of latency over time.

    Background: There are all kinds of addons available for displaying your current latency. One in particular attempts to show your latency in real time, plus a brief history over the past few seconds. Low-overhead game APIs and LUA functions already exist for collecting the data that would be needed for meaningful analysis. Ace functions exist for triggering the data collection, and simplified storage and retrieval of those data for both within- and cross-realm scenarios.

    If an experienced author would be interested in developing such an addon, please feel free to contact me via these forums for more ideas.

    Edit: Amazing, I didn't realize Ace2 and LUA would be so easy to use! I've already completed an addon that does exactly what I need. In fact, it wouldn't even need Ace2 except that AceEvent makes ScheduleRepeatingEvent so easy to implement. If I had any clue how to do this in LUA, my little 6-line addon wouldn't need Ace2 at all!

    I haven't made my addon configurable because it does exactly what I need it to do, and I don't really need saved variables for data storage since right now I'm just computing and displaying a running average of latency. But still, yay for Ace!

    Edit 2: Strangely, my addon has the unintended effect of preventing me from being disconnected from the server for being AFK! So I can start collecting statistics and alt-tab away from WoW and let it gather stats for hours!

    [iurl=http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=7858.msg128713#msg128713]See post below for download![/iurl]
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    posted a message on Pitbull: coloring frames based on one debuff type but not all
    You can achieve this effect by editing the file Aura.lua found in the Pitbull_Aura folder.

    Find the line that says:
    	elseif playerClass == 'ROGUE' then
    (currently on line 575)

    After that line, insert these 3 lines:
    		canDispel = {
    			["Poison"] = true,

    Now from the Pitbull menu, choose:

    Target > Other > Auras > Frame debuff highlight > Cureable by me

    This is a messy workaround, but should achieve the effect you desire. You will have to make this change every time you update Pitbull, as well.
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    posted a message on comparaison Aguf vs pitbull: auras and other things.
    Quote from Seerah »

    You can turn on timers in Pitbull. It may be under Global settings... I don't recall...

    It's found at Global settings > Aura > Cooldown spiral / Cooldown text / Zoom texture.

    Note: These cooldown indicators seem to use custom code in the Aura module, so other cooldown display addons you use (like OmniCC for example) will not appear.

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    posted a message on PitBull Feature Request: Custom Coloring/Alpha Per Frame
    I second this request. I find it odd that we can customize the color of any frame's bars separately from the rest, and that we can change a frame's border separately from the rest, but we cannot change a frame's background color or border color.

    Additional requests regarding appearance:

    1. Background artwork (textures) per frame.
    2. Statusbar textures customizable per bar. (Color is already customizable, why not texture?)
    3. Colored backgrounds/textures for blank space area. (As mentioned weeks ago in the giant thread and never addressed, I would love to have a class-colored blank space area for my frames.)

    Sure, all these options would make it even easier to create out-of-control ugly layouts. However, given all the options already available, it's not like it would make things any worse. :)
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    posted a message on 2 Quick PitBull Comments
    :: Points at the forum sticky http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=4103.0 instructing us not to use very long threads for discussion of specific issues ::

    1. Regarding setting party cluster to not be visible in WSG and it staying invisible when you leave the BG: Does this happen every time you leave WSG? Does it happen with other BGs as well? I tried using those settings myself, and my "real" party frame reappeared when I left the battleground.

    2. Regarding memory usage: If you are not actively using features of some modules on your unit frames, you should disable those modules completely. Having such ridiculously customizable unit frames does not come without a cost. Also, PitBull and its modules use a huge number of other Ace2 libraries which are shared by a number of other Ace2 addons. Depending on whether you are using embedded or external libraries, the amount of memory used by any given addon may be reported differently.
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    posted a message on eePanels (official thread)
    Question about border/border color/background/background color layering that came up when testing a new border texture I made which is designed to protrude (with some transparent areas) over the background texture.

    With both border and background color alphas set to zero, a panel border texture always appears in front of the panel background texture.

    If I choose a new border color with say 0.5 alpha, that color is overlaid on top of the border texture, as I expected.

    If I choose a new background color (or gradient) with 0.5 alpha, the background color is being overlaid above the background texture (as expected), but also over the border texture. Ideally, I think they should be layered from bottom to top as:
    • Background texture
    • Background color (or gradient)
    • Border texture
    • Border color

    Is there a limitation that prevents these panel elements from being layered in such an order?

    Note: The reason the color overlays are important to me is because I choose to design many of my textures completely desaturated (in grayscale), to allow for more predictable results if someone else wishes to colorize them.
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    posted a message on TrackingInfo: Handy mod for cat druid/hunter Detect Humanoids
    I wanted to bring some attention to this seemingly forgotten addon which I actually find quite handy. What it does is add extra info (level, reaction) to the minimap tracking icon tooltip for Detect Humanoids, if the tracking icon represents a player.

    I find this addon very helpful, especially in battlegrounds, as it can help me see who's nearby without having to refer to the full map or BG mini map.
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    Quote from Khaddar »

    I need some help or advice please! I'd like to customize my ElkBuffBars to colour buffs, either individually or based on the class that gives them, rather than having all buffs shown in the same colour - I tend to be pretty bad at spotting when I'm missing a buff I should have, partly because I play rather too many characters actively (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

    I've noticed that it's possible to toggle colouring of debuffs based on debuff type but haven't seen anything similar for buffs so I suspect there's nothing built-in that will make it easy. My thought now is to create a group for each colour that I want to allocate then whitelist every buff I can find that will go into them. This seems like a long and painful process that's prone to errors, so I'm wondering if anyone else has tried to do something similar or if anyone can provide a more sensible way of getting what I want. I'd also welcome suggestions on how to deal with buffs that get missed from my whitelisting process - I can't think of anything other than hoping I notice when I get buffs that don't appear on my bars.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    I've done something similar, and it's not as hard as it sounds. Leave the default "BUFFS" group, but add new ones called "Pally Buffs", "Mage Buffs", "Druid Buffs", "Priest Buffs", etc. When you whitelist a buff to one of the new groups, just blacklist it from the default "BUFFS" group. You'll want to leave the default "BUFFS" group up, as it will continue to catch things like weapon/item/skill procs, as well as any "class buffs" you haven't already moved to the appropriate class group.
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