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    posted a message on Pitbull fill direction: vertical?
    Please search before posting. Your answer is only a few posts down:

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    posted a message on pitbull: target's health text positioning bug? + feature request
    One option that would give you an extra text area would be to install PitBull_FullBar (described here: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=8994.0 ).

    Alternatively, you might make a request for the author of LibDogTag-2.0 to add a new tag that is a newline character (\n). Then you could combine all your tags into one and place it in the middle of the blank space.
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    I'm not sure if it's pressing enter or moving to another text box AFTER hitting enter. For example, I can change the r, g, and b values in a color picker and press enter with no problems, but when I then click in the alpha text box, my wow client crashes.

    I also still find zeroes in color values sometimes being saved as nil in my saved variables. This even seems to happen when a number might round to zero; for example, if I enter a 1 in the text box for r, g, or b.

    Both these issues occur on separate clean installs of WoW on both XP Pro (32-bit) and Vista Ultimate (64-bit). I suppose I will have to create a fourth account for using wowace.com in order to log this using Jira. (One for wiki, one for forums, one for SVN, now yet another one for Jira.)
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    posted a message on Crash bug
    I, too, continue to have unavoidable WoW crashes when trying to edit color values. It always happens when clicking within a text box to change a value. My only recourse is to edit the color values directly in the SV file before launching the game.

    I find it somewhat disappointing that (for weeks now) this implementation of a GUI config window (or perhaps just its color picker control) have forced me to resort to hand-editing files outside of the game. Since I am editing SavedVariables, I have to completely exit WoW, make the change, and restart each time I make a change. This makes it difficult to see the before-and-after effect my change has made.

    I hope this issue can be resolved soon. It marks the first time I have ever used an addon that has caused WoW to crash.
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    posted a message on Pitbull: bar orientation
    You cannot accomplish this with PitBull. Although StatusBars can be made to fill or empty vertically, I haven't ever used any unitframe addons that use them in this manner.
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    posted a message on [PitBull_FullBar] - A colorable, texturable, always-full bar for PitBull frames
    Quote from Kerecha »

    Would be awsome.

    Nope, not familiar with that and my lua knowledge is limited to being able to make lesser edits if someone tells e what line needs to be edited *hehe*

    I've decided that the purpose of this module does not include acting as an extra "blank space" bar. In fact, it's just the opposite. The purpose of this module is to create a textured bar.

    I would suggest you add a feature request for PitBull to allow for multiple blank spaces if you need more than one.

    In the meantime, I have added a new custom texture in revision 51168 called "Transparent" that should achieve the same visual effect. Note that this is not as efficient as simply adding a new blank space would be, since it involves actually creating a texture on the frame. (You just can't see it.)

    I will work on adding FullBar transparency for its textures in the next revision.
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    Quote from Kerecha »

    Is there any way to change the "fullnes" of the color on the bar?

    Would like the color to match that of the blank space bar so that they apear to be the one and same bar just with 2 lines of text/icons.

    That is a good question! I don't currently have an option for using NO texture in the bar. I'll investigate adding that option, as well as an option to change the alpha (transparency) of the bar separately from the rest of the frame.

    In the meantime, if you are familiar with using SharedMedia, you could add a "statusbar" type of texture that is completely transparent and could achieve the same effect.
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    posted a message on [PitBull_FullBar] - A colorable, texturable, always-full bar for PitBull frames
    Quote from Ayindi »

    I just installed it and it makes a nice backround for some additional Texts I use! Very nice and useful, thank you! :)

    Thanks, Ayindi! I'm glad someone else has found it useful.

    In response to some questions I have gotten elsewhere:
    • FullBar uses PitBull's own frame creation and recycling, so it is not any more resource intensive than any other type of "bar" used in PitBull. The only time it ever updates is when it is shown or hidden, when the frame's unit changes, or when custom textures are changed. (Theoretically, it should update when a unit's reaction changes, but it's still not working yet.)
    • The FullBar is a valid layout location for any texts and icons supported by PitBull. This is because PitBull's author has allowed me to support FullBar directly within PitBull's meta-layout engine.
    • Settings for FullBar options are stored within PitBull's saved variables, so if you uninstall FullBar and reinstall it later, your old settings should still be available.
    • If FullBar is enabled for a frame, its settings are considered part of that frame's layout. If you have not installed FullBar and import a layout from a FullBar user, your results may not be as expected.
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    posted a message on [PitBull_FullBar] - A colorable, texturable, always-full bar for PitBull frames
    PitBull_FullBar is a separate module for PitBull that adds a new kind of bar to PitBull's frames. It is not included in the normal PitBull package and must be downloaded separately.

    Once installed, the FullBar module is configured within the main PitBull configuration window. It can be enabled, moved, and sized just like every other bar in PitBull. It is disabled by default for all unit frames.

    The FullBar has coloring options similar to the existing HealthBar. You can color the FullBar by:
    • Class
    • Class for PvP enemies
    • Happiness for hunter pets
    • Hostility
    • Hostility for NPCs
    • Custom color
    You can also set custom textures (by group) for FullBar.

    I created this module because, especially in PvP, I like to see a big visual indication of my opponent's class. Simply coloring the health bar by class was not always immediately visible to me. It also allows an alternative area for adding texts and icons, and allows the HealthBar coloring to be used for other purposes, such as aggro indication or an actual health gradient.

    All the Lua code for this module was shamelessly adapted from ckknight's original HealthBar module.

    Known Issues:
    When a bar is colored by hostility, the color does not currently update when the unit's hostility changes, e.g., it does not change from yellow to red when you attack a neutral unit. This same limitation seems to be shared by the HealthBar module.

    Possible future changes:
    • Allow for selection of a different texture than the one used for actual PitBull status bars.
    • added in revision 50731
    • Add an option to use NO texture in the FullBar, making its appearance similar to the "blank space."
    • added Transparent statusbar texture to emulate this behavior in r51168
    • Add an option to change the alpha (transparency) of the FullBar separately from the rest of PitBull.
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    posted a message on Making dewdrop easier to work with
    I agree that being able to "pin" a Dewdrop menu open at an arbitrary level would be handy.

    However, this could be problematic for some menus which change their own options based on settings in lower level menus. In my experience, those higher-up menus aren't always updated with new options until they are closed and reopened.
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    posted a message on Any replacement mods to Auctioneer?
    Quote from Zidomo »

    Like the mod you are currently using, it gives you median auction prices (both min bid & buyout) for both "recent" & "historical" scans in a separate tooltip attached to the main item tooltip. Hover (using tekKompare or similar) or click the item link; the main tooltip shows up with the KC_Items tooltip attached below it. It also provides vendor prices for items in that tooltip.

    You do AH (auction house) price scans in the same way you do with Auctioneer. Open up the AH window and you will have a small frame attached to the bottom right of the window. Click the "Scan" button, sit back for 10-15 minutes (or less, depending on how many categories you scan) and wait for it to complete. In a couple of weeks, you will get accurate AH median prices.

    The one thing it doesn't currently provide that Auctioneer does is a listing in the seperate tooltip of exactly how many times an item has been seen in scans. The aforementioned "recent" & "historical" auction median min bid/buyout prices do the job instead (and works just fine).

    Also, KC_Items's integrated Fence module (also available separately here) provides:
    --remembering & auto-filling of your own auction prices/times in the AH window
    --an auto-buy function
    --sets a price limit for bids and warns you about it when the limit has been reached
    --provides "bookmarks" for searches
    --shows both price per item and whether someone has placed a bid on the item
    --a new column in the AH window to sort items by name.

    So if you want an Auctioneer-like mod that provides what you need to get a handle on AH median prices, among other features, and doesn't bloat your memory & CPU usage like a pig, KC_Items is what to use.

    You mention median prices several times in your post. I'm unable to find a way to display median prices using KC_Items. Maybe I'm missing an important module. It does show the lowest bid and highest buyout prices for items, but there are many factors that cause those prices to be unreliable. Here are just a few off the top of my head:
    • an accidental underpricing error
    • an intentional outrageously low bidding price, to start a bidding war
    • an attempt to take advantage of careless clickers by putting a 20g buyout price on an item worth 20s

    If any of these situations ever happen even once for an item, the average recent minimum and maximum prices won't actually give a good picture of the market. As soon as those recent prices make it to the "historical" phase, it will forever be skewed by those outliers.

    A median price would dampen the impact of these outlying data, and in general, would give a clearer picture of an item's overall value in the market. I would gladly give up an "average minimum" and "average maximum" for a more reliable median. Knowing the number of samples used to obtain the median (and the min and max too, for that matter) can help you estimate at a glance how reliable those statistics are. Not to mention it provides a decent idea of the item's rarity on the market, if you scan often.

    True medians cannot be calculated without saving an entire dataset every time new samples are added, or at the very least, the frequency distribution function describing that dataset. (Frequency distribution functions unfortunately tend to decay over time as they are added together; they begin to lose precision and curves will tend to flatten, eventually distorting the median.)

    The verion of KC_Items you linked to seems to still be in beta, as discussed in this thread: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=6961.0. Since you seem to speak very authoritatively about this addon, maybe you're using a different version that calculates and displays medians you could point me to?
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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    Quote from Seerah »

    ClearFont2 shouldn't touch the chat frame if Prat is enabled. Make sure you have "remember font" checked off in that module (I think the box is right above where you choose your font).

    I did have remember font checked and it was still not being applied when CF2 was enabled. Unchecking the checkbox, reloading, then checking the checkbox, then exiting, then re-enabling CF2 seems to have cleared up the problem.
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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    Setting the chat frame font works from the waterfall config menu, and appears to be saved, but after restarting or /reloadui, the font is not applied until i reselect it. (it's still listed as selected there). This appears to be a conflict with ClearFont2. With CF2 disabled, the setting is applied on login.

    I agree that the toggle for shadow seems to be backwards. I normally expect the "On" state to mean that I have enabled a feature, not that I have enabled disabling it.
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    posted a message on An alternate method for defining embedded lilbraries in your TOC
    Quote from sylvanaar »

    Dont stop it looks great! make more!

    I've tried to capture the needs expressed in this thread, along with the spirit (both conformist and rebellious) of its contributors in a wiki page I'm using to describe my project. I'll continue adding sections to that page as I complete them in my local outline.

    If any of you have thoughts or ideas, please feel free to edit the page directly (/wiki/Adra) or add them to its Talk page for discussion (/wiki/Talk:Adra).
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    posted a message on An alternate method for defining embedded lilbraries in your TOC
    Did someone ask if there's a technical writer in the house? *raises hand and adjusts pocket protector*

    Since I'm just learning the WoW API, LUA, and Ace2, I had already begun a reference project to help teach myself as I go along. (As sick as it sounds, I learn as much from writing documentation as from reading it.)

    I'd be happy to help on a team creating a reference project. Just so you're prepared, my style usually includes simple (yet commplete, valid, and functional) examples with exhaustive documentation. For example, here are the first 63 lines of the main TOC file from my Ace2 Developers Reference Addon (Adra):

    ##### Lines starting with "#####" are special documentation for this 
    ##### reference. If you are using this file as a template, you should
    ##### delete these lines before you release your addon.
    ##### This is the main Table of Contents file for your addon. It MUST be
    ##### named the same as your addon's folder, with the extension .toc at
    ##### the end. (For addons which are modules or libraries, please see the
    ##### reference ToCs in those folders for more specific documentation.)
    ##### The ToC file uses tags in the format "## TagName: Data" to provide
    ##### useful metadata about your addon.
    ##### Examples in <angle brackets> should be customized for your addon.
    ##### Tags are marked with REQUIRED, RECOMMENDED, and OPTIONAL to help
    ##### ensure you include all the important information. When a tag can be
    ##### used by a certain application, it will be noted as follows:
    ##### :WoW - the WoW "AddOn List" screen displays these metadata
    ##### :AMU - a separate addon management utility uses this information to
    #####     categorize, enable or disable, or load your addon on demand
    ##### :SVN - the WowAce SVN uses these metadata for version control
    ##### :WAU - the WowAceUpdater program uses the tag to show, filter,
    #####     update, or unpack your addon
    ##### :Wik - the wowace.com wiki shows this information in its infobox
    ##### :Con - Ace-Console displays these metadata in the About command
    ##### :all - all these applications can use the tag
    ## Interface: 20100
    ##### Interface: <(REQUIRED:WoW) InterfaceVersion>
    ##### The first tag should always be "Interface" with the current version
    ##### of WoW you have developed AND TESTED your addon with. If Blizzard
    ##### updates the client to a newer interface version, players will need to
    ##### check "Load out of date AddOns" or your addon will automatically be
    ##### disabled.
    ##### Likewise, addons with newer versions will not automatically load.
    ##### If you're developing your addon based on a beta or Public Test Realm,
    ##### and you don't want players to use it automatically with the currently
    ##### released client, use the interface version from the beta or PTR.
    ## Title: Adra |cff7fff7f -Ace2-|r
    ##### Title: <(REQUIRED:all) Name of your addon>
    ##### If your addon uses Ace2, it's customary to identify it by ending
    ##### your title with the text "|cff7fff7f -Ace2-|r".
    ##### The Title can contain hexadecimal color codes, in the format
    ##### "|cAARRGGBB" where AA = alpha (which should always be ff), RR = red,
    ##### GG = green, and BB = blue. Use "|r" to return to the normal color.
    ##### Ace-Console also uses the Title (minus the -Ace2- part at the end)
    ##### as a prefix to information you output via the Print function.
    ##### You can include additional, localized versions of the Title, for
    ##### example, "## Title-esES: <El nombre de tu addon en espa?ol>".
    ## Notes: |cffff6666A|rce2 |cffff6666D|revelopers |cffff6666R|reference |cffff6666A|rddon: A learning and best-practices example for Ace2 authors. |cff999999(/adra to configure)|r
    ##### Notes: <(RECOMMENDED:all) Brief description of what your addon does>
    ##### When writing your description, keep it short and simple. It should
    ##### list the main features of your addon, and the intended audience, if
    ##### only certain kinds of players would be expected to use it.
    ##### If your addon doesn't have an obvious user interface by deafult,
    ##### you may want to include any slash-commands used to configure or
    ##### operate it. Notes can use the same color codes as the Title.
    ##### You can include additional, localized versions of the Notes, for
    ##### example, "## Notes-deDE: <Beschreibung deines Addon auf Deutsch>".

    Yes, I just took 60 lines to document 3 lines of code. But I guarantee you that no one, not even a new author with zero previous experience, will have any questions ever again about how those 3 lines of code work.

    If you'd be interested in this kind of help, just let me know. I have full respect for the editorial decisions of developers and I have plenty of time to devote.

    P.S. -- I am completely against the use of code generators for novice authors. They are great timesaving tools for experienced developers, but they're no substitute for "read-it-and-delete-it" tutorial documentation within sample code.
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