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    OK, a fix to the grey problem (which is only going to work is DHUD is no longer running).

    load up your character and open your bags, bank and keyring (doesnt matter if they're offline)

    enter the following into the chat window (one line at a time - copy and paste it)

    /script ARKINV_MainFrame1:SetFrameLevel( 3 )
    /script ARKINV_MainFrame2:SetFrameLevel( 3 )
    /script ARKINV_MainFrame3:SetFrameLevel( 3 )

    logout, log back in

    it would appear that wow will put them back to whatever level is appropriate (so i'm not sure if DHUDs doing this deliberately or just has xml naturally that deep). but the next version of AI will have an option to hide the bar frame completely so if you keep DHUD then you can still use AI.

    Woot. :) Glad I was able to be of some help :)
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    Quote from Arkayenro »

    in all honesty i cant see why it's happening, the xml hasn't changed, the bars and items are still in the same places they were before and unless it happens to me i can't figure out a way to duplicate it so i can fix it.

    Ok.. so I registered on here for really one reason. Arkayenro, your mod freakin rocks. I love it, so much that i just spend the last 3 hours trying to figure out why it wouldnt work for me, and here's what I found.

    I was having the "Offline" problem.. where it wouldnt let me move anything in my inventory. So i started out by deleting my WTF folder and reloading with just AI enabled. and of course it worked. Then i enabled all my mods one by one till one of em broke it. And it turned out to be the mod DHUD (Drathals Hud). Then to further figure out why i went through all of my files in the WTF folder under a text editor. Mainly narrowed it down due to it being broken for one char.. but not the other till i enabled DHUD.

    I also saw that once I break AI... i can't fix it until i delete my WTF folder. But i figured out what "breaks" (if it is broken...)

    in the WTF folder under X:\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SERVER\CHARACTER there is a file called layout-cache.txt and inside that file (Opened using WORDPAD) there is an entry for ArkInventory

    Frame: ARKINV_MainFrame1
    FrameLevel: 6
    X: 865
    Y: -295

    What I noticed... is that when i enable DHUD it changes FrameLevel: 6 to FrameLevel: 127

    When i disable DHUD, AI will continue to be broken till i change that 127 back to a 6. Once i change it AI works again.

    So hopefully Arkayenro this will help ya fix it.. or at least point you in the right direction. :)
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