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    Hello, I'm sorry if I'm asking dumb question here but I'm at work and can't go in game to play around with this

    Basically I'm using Recount right now but what I can't do is this (easily)

    Within any single "combat session", in recount you can put your mouse over a player (or click them) and see how much damage they did to each of their targets.

    For example (and this example is the reason I want this functionality), we are doing Sarth+2 drakes and want to figure out how much damage people are doing to the particular drakes, it's easy, mouseover the player or click them and it will say like: "Tenebron - 265,000" - so that's a basic overview

    However I want to be able to view details LIKE the "current fight" overview but showing only the part of the combat that involved particular mobs of that combat session, for example when you click the drop down to list the last 5 fights, each fight should then extend out into a list of the different mobs from that fight to further narrow things down. This should also only take into account, the time when the first combat log entry for that mob began and where the last combat log entry was to calculate uptime for that mob and DPS for the mob.

    That makes sense right?

    Basically, i want to see the fight for sartharion+2 drakes but filter the main view by only 1 single drake, i was going to mod this into recount myself but your mod looks a lot better than recount (and i want the fails too! :))

    The other weird thing I wanted was to have a "projected damage output" tab, I'm not sure if this would work very well but the idea amused me

    Really on progression attempts it can be hard if people are dying early if they're doing a lot, because their dps may be normal but damage done will be nothing. What i propose is this projected damage output. What it will do, is if a person dies, we will find the average DPS of everyone that did more total damage for that fight BETWEEN the time of that persons death and the end of combat. and the average dps of everyone above them of damage done between the start of combat and when that person died. then we find the average percentage increase/decrease across the board. Then we use the DPS figure of the person that died, how much DPS they did in the time between start of combat and their death and then to fill in the blank data between their death and end of combat we use the average percentage modifier from before to apply an estimated "after death" dps and then calculate an estimated damage done over that time. when calculating these numbers, we should go down the list of damage damage from #1 person to the end and use the previous projected dps of people above the next person.

    Thanks for reading
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