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    Hello. I've used this addon for awhile until recently the frame disappeared. I switched UF's to Xperl from Pitbull, but doubt that would've done anything... would it? I've tried scaling it up and increasing the width and height in case it was hidden behind some other elements on my screen (really only using a bottom panel). Still nothing. I deleted and reinstalled it as well as removing the .lua files and starting fresh. Nothings worked so I'm here. If you have anything to try, please let me know... I'm just at a loss. Thanks.


    edit: The addon plays the sound and I can access the config via /rock or slash commands, so it seems to be working, just without the frame...
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    saulhudson: Thanks for the UI and the link as well, I don't have a widescreen so I'll have to tweak it a bit. This should make things that much easier... cheers!
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    saulhudson: Nice UI, clean and pretty. Let me know if you consider posting that somewhere.

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