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    posted a message on Quartz: Modular Casting Bar
    This may have been answered/addressed. Is there any way to resize and/or move the timer? Can't seem to find the command/option.

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    posted a message on Request for a Daily Quest Tracker
    I am currently working on such an addon. Here is a list of current features and todo's. Please let me know of any other desired features. Not all request will be added but any ideas/suggestions are welcome.

    Current Features:
    • List Daily Quest by Character/Zone, so you can track quest to be done daily by multiple characters(same account)
    • Status for each quest, Ready, In Progess, Complete(not turned in yet), Done
    • Resets status everyday at reset time
    • List Daily Quest per character based on the daily quest that character has done before, only added the quest to the list once the users first picks it up.
    • fubar integrated

    • Quest List Hard coded, since not all dailys are labeled as dailys.
    • Adding option to remove/hide quest per character
    • adding option to show X/10 dailys in fubar for current character, option to show others.
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