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    Custom conditions don't work for me.

    I set up some bars with macros to cast spells on certain party mebers. These bars are meant to be shown only when I am in a party. I am using the following line:

    Other lines taken from the examples don't work for me either.

    Any option I missed? Any extra lib I need?

    I'm using Bartender4 4.3.2 on a german client but have the english language package installed so it shouldn't be a localisation issue.

    Edit: Just got it working out of nothing, but just on one bar. Seems like the command line is not always applied properly on clicking the "accept" button.

    Edit2: Second bar now works too. Don't know why. Just switched a few times between the template and my line. Maybe worth looking into.
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    Bump for the wish of the growing number of raiding Retribution Pallies out there!

    More an more Paladins are asking for an addon to track all Judgements.
    So do I. Especially as a Retribution its important for me to know when exactly the Judgements are about to drop of the boss. Many encounters force me to run away from the boss to fight adds or save my butt, and don't leave the Holy's alot time to rejudge in the middle of the fight (in 99% of all fights they do MT healing). So excact timers for the other paladins Judgements would be a big help to time these jobs.

    A simple solution for the Retribution Pally:
    A 20 sec timer which resets on every CS that hits a target with a Judgement on it, and a message to all Paladins in the raidgroup sent (like "Check your Judgement") when the timer runs out.

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    posted a message on Proximo 2.0 - Beta Testing
    No problems so far with Proximo2 (r63043), using it on a german client.
    Only the talents show up very late. I get them from a very higher distance with CowTip.
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    posted a message on Cartographer
    Quote from Gandharva »

    2.1 PTR error:

    [2007/04/15 01:23:22-60-x7]: Cartographer_Notes-2.0\Notes.lua:3725: Trying to iterate through notes in an unknown zone: "Ruins of Lordaeron"

    Experiencing this error on live server when i try to share data.

    (...)Trying to iterate through notes in an unknown zone: "Echsenkessel"

    Echsenkessel = Coilfang Reservoir

    Also CR is listed under "Outlands" aswell as under "unknown" in the instance menu.

    German client.
    Revision r30318
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    posted a message on EavesDrop 2.0 (a SCT style combat log)
    Yeah, would be great. Allways hated the chatbox headers untill I got Prat. ;)

    I experienced a bug with the "Fade Frame" option. When I enable it, the frames behavior seems randomly. Sometimes it shows up on events, sometimes on mouseover, most of the time it stays invisible. Disabling the option doesn't take effect.
    Only deleting the saved variables fixes this issue.

    I'm using version r29459 on a german client and many other Ace2 Addons.

    I'm to lazy to check for conflicts with other addons, I'll just avoid the "Fade Frame" Option. :)
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    posted a message on I ran winaceupdater, and i now have a new casting bar i can't get rid of. :(
    Quote from FlareCDE »

    Check agUF or IceHUD itself, one of the two must offer an option to hide the default castbar.

    Check Blizzard's interface options, they offer an option to hide the default castbar.
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    posted a message on Ag_UF stuck on standby. (r25259) [Fixed]
    I had the same Problem, using the saved variables of an previous version. Deleting the .lua and .bak files in "\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\'Accountname'\SavedVariables" will fix this Problem.
    This will reset Ag_UF to its default settings.

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