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    Very nice addon, I really like it alot!

    Question: Is there a possibility to color the background of the single player frames/boxes according to their health? eg. 80-100%=green, 60=80%=yellow, 0-20%=red, ... If not, is it possible to color the background in a single color, preferably red.

    And a sugguestion/request: The page where you can select which condition are shown. It would be very nice if these conditions would be sorted by priority. Top priority condition on top, lowest on the bottom of the page. If this is not possible, it would be nice if the priority would be printed next to the condition, eg
    Low Health [80]
    Aggro Alert [99]
    Low Mana [20]
    This would make it much easier to see what will be highligted/printed.

    Thanx again for this addon!
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    Quote from Ammo »

    Quote from Hjalte »

    Hey there

    Any chance of being able to clickheal (Like on CT_raid frames) on the Tank monitor?

    I've seen there is an option called clickcasting, but whatever i select i still can not clickheal (Using the addon ClickHeal)

    I'm no addon designer, but i know that CT_raid has some function that lets any clickhealing addon cast spells on it's frames... Would it be a big problem converting it to this very nice addon?

    It is supported, just poke the clickheal author to fix it. Tell him to look at the watchdogclick function in place :)


    Just downloaded r14038 and grepped for watchdogclick but could not find it anywhere. Could you please post more detailed instructions of how integration can be done or direct me to a "howto" or something? Thanx in advance!
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