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    posted a message on something about avg being a problem
    So I installed the curse client and updated all my addons and had to log off and go do some errands. I come home to the misses saying there's something wrong with the computer and it keeps popping up saying we got a virus and it is trying to sell us this particular anti virus software.

    This is definitely a virus it puts out a million of the lil "your computer might be at risk ballons" on the task bar as soon as you close one another opens the misses said she checked her email and that was it im running avg scan right now. I also ran a ad aware spyware scan and it picked up one threat.

    Don't know what the virus scan is saying yet its not done but it scans itself every night if i simply have to turn off my anti virus to play then so be it but how do i get the client thing to not load up and try to log in from start up of the computer?

    It seems to just log itself right in and as soon as its trying to log in and the AVG's trying to start up im thinking could be the problem here that or my wife's not telling the whole story which wouldn't be the first second or third time when it comes to the computer. Shes fried like 4 HD's and had uncountable amounts of viruses. I've used the internet since its been around and ive only got one virus in my life and this was when i was a beginner. Since I've yet to get one I don't go to unpredictable sites or if i do i make sure its a secure link if not i leave plain and simple.

    Anyways if someone can give me a hand if this is a curse problem then great if its a virus well then reformatting here we come.
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