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    posted a message on SCT 6.0 / SCTD 3.0

    But when i Disable all SCT mods (SCT / SCT options / SCTD /SCTD Options), that message no longer shows.
    Ill have another look through, and probably delete my saved variables folder for SCT to be sure.

    I do have the latest SCT mods though.

    Edit: Nevermind, I R Dumb. Critline is responsible for teh spam.
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    posted a message on SCT 6.0 / SCTD 3.0
    Hi all, im having a little problem with SCT and I hope you'll have answer for me;

    I use SCT and SCTD. Whenever I crit, i get a big fat red "Critical" in the middle of the screen, and frankly it is getting kinda annoying. Ive tried googling for it, found a coupla things like:

    Going by that post, ive added

    --[18] = {name="Critical!", search="You crit", r=256/256, g=256/256, b=0/256},

    to my sct_event_config.lua file, (Its sorta fixed half the problem, the spammage doesnt show up on normal melee hits.)

    since that line was NOT present in the file, unlike the post mentions. (Also, that post is 2 years old, so meh.)
    Cant really remember though if the Spammage was present on normal hit crits before i added that, but who cares.

    Now the main problem is, it still shows up on special abilities, for example Mortal Strike. Now lets look at the code for Overpower:

    [6] = {name="Overpower!", override=false, search="Your (.+) was dodged", r=256/256, g=256/256, b=0/256, iscrit=1, class={"Warrior"}},

    Going by this example, ive tried to write my own little bit of code to nullify the Critical spammage.

    --[19] = {name="Critical!", search="Your (.+) crits (.+) for (.+)", r=256/256, g=256/256, b=0/256},

    Needless to say, it doesnt work. Im guessing (.+) is the place holder for anything, like Abilities, Mobs, and Numbers?

    None the less, id appreciate some help on this issue, as i cant really find anything to get rid of it.

    EDIT: Heres a link to a picture of said Spammage
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