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    Hello, mybe a gadget suggestion.

    Idea stolen from SW stats but improved. ATM SW stats sync during combat witch we all know produces lag. What I am thinking is that the RL or party leader could have an command that can say sync and would only sync data from people not in combat. And then do a timeline snyc of data to compare with other reccount users. The command would only be triggable by a RL/PL and would only efect people not in combat so that it can be done after a boss fight like Kachlegos :D

    Just an Idea I haven't look at the source of Reccount so dont know how u handle the data or anything but mybe just think about this
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    Hello WowAce comunity

    I am using Pitbull for a while now. I would like to know if the following things are possable:
    (mybe I am asking things repited a few times by now)
    1.) Display party frames in raid frames
    this might be a bit too much to ask or it might be implemented in a different way
    2.) Display secific debuffs as colors (for instance left border of the frame one color for a debuff, top border of the frame another one for a different debuff and so on)

    Thanks for the help

    Mystic, Nordrassil
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