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    posted a message on StatBlockCore v2: Make use of your broker plugins!
    I have just switched from Fubar to SBS. Having a wee bit of a problem. I´m trying to do this slow, hence importing addons a couple at a time. However the global Font, Font colour and scale settings I defined with the first couple of plugins do not seem to apply to the new plugins I import.

    Another question: When I have locked two plugins together how do remove the tiny little space between them?
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    posted a message on FuBar or LDB display?
    Thank you for all the replies, it has indeed been very informative. It is a day of enlightenment for me:)
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    posted a message on FuBar or LDB display?
    Thank you Zikko for taking your time to explain this. I guess its basic knowledge for most:)

    I think I got most bases covered now. I just have 3 things I would like further explained.

    1) Do I manually need to install the LibDataBroker to get the plugins to work with my handler? The reason for asking this, is beacuse I´ve looked in the library folder of Titan, and I don´t see any LibDataBroker library.

    2) Sorry this is seriously off topic, but my other post scratched the issue:) How do you guys go about centralizing you access to addon configs menus?
    Is ther a config menu (similar to Rock, not that fund of Rock) to Ace2/Ace3 addons and how do I go about accesing it?

    3) A specific problem I´m trying to help a friend with. He would like to access the oRA2 config menu in Titan. How to go about this? Fubar2Broker?
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    posted a message on FuBar or LDB display?
    I´m going to hijack this thread a little, staying on subject though.

    This whole issue confuses the hell out of me:)

    I´m going to try explain this to the best of my knowledge and I would like you to correct me when I´m wrong, so I can get a feel for this.
    English is not my native language and I have no knowledge of programming, so Ill try explaining this in layman terms. I´m probably ending up seeming completely stupid, so please bar with me.

    As far as I understand it there are 3 parts to this: A plugin, a handler to show the plugin and a library to handle the communication between the two. Is this correct?

    As far as handlers go, there is Titan, Fortress, Fubar, ButtonBin, StatBlockcore and probably others I don´t know about. However concerning the ones handling the communication between the two, I get confused again. Do I manually need to install the LibDataBroker to get the plugins to work with my handler? The reason for asking this, is beacuse I´ve looked in the library folder of Titan, and I don´t see any LibDataBroker library.

    If I as an example want to use Titan or ButtonBin, swithching from Fubar, how do I go about it. What do I need to install?

    As of now I use Rock to acces configs to a lot of my addons. If I switch how do acces the config panel to most of my addons, without having to use slash commands for everyone?

    If anyone could explain the whole issue to me in layman terms and answer my questions, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Sorry again for hijacking the thread like this. I hope it is ok, since I kind of stay on topic

    Edit: Changed some questions a wee bit, since another round of surfing explained some of the old ones:):)
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    posted a message on Raidcheck Addon and DKP addon in general
    Hello all

    I was a little unsure if to post this here or in the General forum.

    With the coming of the expansion WotLK, my guild will start using DKP and I´m the one in charge of implementing it.

    We will use a system rewarding X dkp pr. bosskill/wipes, combined with a bonus/penalty system. Specific we have a penalty for not having the appropriate Elixir/Flask, Food and temporary Weapon Enchant.

    I have been searching for a RaidCheck addon who will check the entire raid for these things and save the result, so I can acces it after the raid. Leaving me free to do the actual bossfight instead of typing down names;)

    I´ve been going through the readme of a bunch of these addons, but can´t seem to find one who will save the info. Maybe its just me going blind;)

    Futheremore, I´ve used DKP in numerous guilds, but never actually been in charge of it. So would like to know, what kind of addons do you guys use to make your life easier and just some good advise in general.

    Thx in advance
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    posted a message on WowAce at CurseForge - Confused user
    Thank you Nevcairiel for the answers.

    Just a quick one to follow and I think I got my bases covered:) The Curse Client on Curse is the most recent. However the beta on Curseforge, is that beta development for the current at Curse or beta development on an entirely new version?
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    posted a message on WowAce at CurseForge - Confused user
    I have been a happy more or less anonymous user of this site for about a couple of years. This is my go to site when browsing for new addons.

    I used to read the forums extensively every day, however house, garden, cat and life in general has me quit occupied of late. So I?m left with a quick browse on the forums now and then. Hence I?m a little confused about this transfer and some of the implications as a user.

    These questions is probably already asked and answered several times and some downright stupid, but please bare with me.

    1) Where is this new site? I can?t seem to find a link anywhere, even when i go to curseforge.com.

    2) I have been using Jwowupdater. Will this stop working soon? And if so, when?

    3)I guess I have to switch to the Curse Client, but this also leaves me kind of confused:)
    - Curseforge: They are entitled beta and the setup confuses me a bit. There are a installer called and two fixes starting with a 2. If I install these, do I start with the installer and then the fixes?
    - Curse: The client here is entitled and, as far as I can see, not a beta.
    Which one to choose and if the Curseforge one, how to go about it?

    Think that is it:) Thank you in advance
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs Official Thread
    Quote from ant1pathy »

    Does anyone else have issues with ZOMG not wanting to recognize when to cast group AI properly?

    Very much so. Especially when another mage in the raid have cast it.
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    posted a message on ClassTimer - Official thread
    I ve used Quartz for a long time, but recently started playing my paladin again and wanted to see my seals on myself in addition to judged seals on the target. It may be me, but couldn?t get Quartz to show a timer for the seals on my self, so switched to CT, and loving it.

    However I have a we bit of a problem. It may already be asked and answered. If so I apologize. I skimmed about half of the 48 pages of this thread and could not find a solution.

    A couple of days ago I started a hunter and got Serpent Sting. I consider this a debuff on target and hence I only want it shown on my target/focus. But I keep having double bars, target and player. I?ve tried a whole lot of different approaches to remove the timer from Player, even asked the addon not to show Serpent Sting at all, however that only works on target not the player timer.

    If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. It may very well be missing something obvious:)

    Edit: Scratch the above, I`ve fixed the issue. Lets just say its related to "something obvious":)
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    posted a message on Threat meter that actually works?
    Quote from KnThrak »

    Yeah, we got frequent problems too.

    But here's how I see things:
    • First of all, antiarc is hardly bound by any rules. He probably had that new stuff lieing around for a while, waiting for a chance to put it in. Needing to completely rewrite the mod for 2.4 anyways is that chance.
    • This is wowace.com - it says specifically that anything you get here is super-bleeding-edge. If it makes your computer hardlock and you need to reinstall: Tough luck, you've been warned about it. It's just the nature of stuff being pulled from a SVN server that you're directly in the developing process, things are broken, often, frequently, on purpose just to see how the error looks.
    • Last but most importantly: There was raiding pre-KTM. It worked ;)

    Exactly, I second that
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    posted a message on Chinchilla - Minimap addon of awesomeness.
    I?m also using Chinchilla and Gatherer. However I?m experiencing a different problem. I suspect it to be a Gatherer problem, though I?ve seen a post by someone using Gathermate with a similar problem. Anyway I?m posting it here and on the Gatherer forum just to be sure.

    When I log on, I see all my tracking nods on the minimap. Then after zoning to the new Isle of Quel?Danas, the nods disappear. The nods are not showing on my minimap anywhere in WoW after I have been to Quel?Danas I?m not sure if it happens when I zone to the isle or zoning away, since I have yet to get any nods on Qeul?Danas.
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    posted a message on Skillet - Official Thread
    Just started using this addon, and loving it.

    However, like most, I have a one question. Is there any plans to implement a custom sorting of the recipes? Like in ATSW, where you are able to manually make your own categories and drag and drop the recipes.

    I hope this has not been asked and answered, 20+ pages is a lot to read:)

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    posted a message on Note addon
    Thankyou for your suggestions. You have been very helpful.

    I?ll try MobNotes out right away.

    Edit: Maybe I should post this question in the Mobnote thread, but I?ll give it a try anyway.) I?m using Mobinfo. Can I use both Mobinfo and Mobnotes at the same time?
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    posted a message on Note addon
    Do it still work without problems?

    As far as I can see on WoWInterface last update was late 2006.

    I kind of skipped testing it since I thought it wouldn't work wery well.
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    posted a message on Note addon
    I?m in a casual rading guild and a couple of days ago, while whiping for god know how many times on Tidewalker, I was discussing tactics with our RL.

    The problem was that we considered the poor fellow on farm and was wondering what went wrong. Probably we just sucked that night, however we also found we missed a couple of small details, among the huge amount of things a RL is suppose to keep track of. So we decided I should look for an ingame note addon to dot down these details.

    I have been looking at Omnibus, NotesUNeed and Tinypad (Not supported any longer as fare as I could see).
    Omnibus is my favorite so fare, not to fancy, just to my liking.

    Was just wondering if you know of any other out there? Maybe some with premade notes.

    Just so I?ve taken all into consideration before giving my recomendations:)

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